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Police liaison officer assaulted victims of sexual abuse he was meant to be helping, court told

Published July 24, 2013 by misty534


A police liaison officer sexually assaulted female victims of domestic abuse he was meant to be helping, a court heard.


Detective Constable Jeffrey Davies, 42, is accused of using his position to “achieve what he wanted sexually” while he was meant to be looking after the vulnerable female victims.

John Hipkin, prosecuting at Swansea Crown Court, said: “After being in CID Davies became a family liaison officer – a position of the utmost sensitivity.

“The contrast between his position and the three women led to feel that they would not be believed about what happened.”

Davies denies sexually assaulting two women and exposing himself to a third in his police station.

One of his alleged victims, a mother-of-three in her thirties, told the court that Davies abused her after she attended the police station to make a statement on suffering domestic abuse by her partner.

Mr Hipkin went on: “Following an interview, as the woman was about to leave the room, Davies pushed her against the wall with his whole body.

“He then took her right hand and pulled it down towards the front of his trousers.”

The mother told the court: “He interviewed me in the police station about my ex-partner and when he finished he came on to me.

“He asked me about finding someone tidy and I said: ‘What someone like you?’ because he was a professional and respectable person unlike my ex.

“He smiled and laughed it off but as I was leaving to get the door he shoved me against the wall and grabbed my hand and made me touch his privates.

“His hand was on my hand and he kept it there for what seemed like minutes.

“He was saying something but I felt so frightened I wasn’t taking any of it in. He did say he was going to come and see me again.”

The court was told that Davies called the mother a few weeks later before making unwanted sexual advances, which made her “feel sick”.

The mother initially kept the alleged incident to herself because she thought she would not be believed.

She eventually told her sister about the assault in the police station interview room.

Swansea Crown Court heard Davies was dealing with another victim of domestic abuse when he suggested they went for a “little drive”.

The jury was told Davies, of Merthyr Tydfil, “made a detour” to a lane where he touched the woman “in a sexual way” by rubbing and stroking her leg.

Davies also allegedly exposed himself to a woman while investigating a burglary at her home.

The court heard Davies went with the woman to inspect damage in her bedroom when he pushed the door shut behind them.

Mr Hipkin said that when the woman turned around to look at him, she saw that Davies was exposing himself.

The three alleged offences happened in 2010 and 2011 while Davies was a South Wales Police officer.

The trial continues.


The Telegraph

Retired Brighton and Hove priest jailed for child sex abuse

Published May 9, 2013 by misty534



A retired Church of England priest has been jailed for 18 months at Hove Crown Court for sexually abusing two teenage boys.

Father Keith Wilkie Denford, 78, of Broad Reach Mews, Shoreham, was convicted of indecent assault last month.

The offences happened between 1987 and 1990 when Denford was the vicar of St John the Evangelist Church in Burgess Hill.

He was previously the curate at St Peter’s Church in Brighton, serving there from 1966 to 1971.

Since retiring in 1996 he has officiated and preached in several churches in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area.

Church organist Michael Mytton, 69, of East Chiltington, near Lewes, was also sentenced today (Thursday 9 May) after also being convicted last month.

Judge Paul Tain gave him a nine-month prison sentence suspended for two years for indecently assaulting another boy.

He was made the subject of a sex offender programme and ordered to be supervised for two years.

Both men had denied the charges.



Absolute discharge for wheelchair pervert who abused family

Published April 27, 2013 by misty534

ImageA pervert who abused members of his own family will be assisted to make a new home for himself after a court was told he is not suitable for supervision by the probation service and social services had declined taking on the job.

Judge Jonathan Gibson said his only option was to make restraining orders against him and sentence him to an absolute discharge because of his current infirmity and diminishing mental capacity.

The 60-year-old wheelchair user had been found guilty of sexually assaulting and neglecting his family on 32 different counts involving 11 named individuals when he appeared at Burnley Crown Court. Ten other counts will be left to lie on the file.

During the trial the defendant spent two years and two months in custody before being allowed bail.

Doctors told the court he did not fit the criteria to be kept in a mental health institution.

Judge Gibson made the restraining order to prevent any contact between the defendant and 10 individuals and told him if he breached the order he would be brought before court again.


 Burnley express

Pervert Paul Telling jailed for 17 years over ‘monstrous regime’ of sexual abuse

Published April 21, 2013 by misty534



A pervert who raped a young girl and encouraged a boy and a man to have sex with her has been jailed for 17 years.

Judge Martin Joy told Paul Telling: “It was a monstrous regime of sexual abuse over time.”

Maidstone Crown Court heard the 44-year-old preyed on the victim by giving her alcohol and played sexual card games with her. He then introduced others into his sordid world.

Telling, formerly of Trafalgar Court, Gillingham, was convicted in February of five charges of rape, two of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, two of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence, sexual assault and assault by penetration.

Prosecutor Christopher May said the girl eventually told police how Telling would get her “completely wasted”. They would play cards and he would always win because she was too drunk.

The card games involved taking clothes off and walking around naked in the open. It progressed to sex acts. She did not refuse because she did not know it was wrong, the court heard.

Telling introduced a teenaged boy into the games and encouraged her to have sex with him. Both of them had sex with her separately.

The boy introduced a friend, aged 20, to her and he had sex with her also. Telling had full sex with the girl.

He gave her £20 to keep quiet and warned her not to tell anybody. Mr May said it was manipulation to prevent her from revealing the reality of what was going on.

“She was thinking it was normal, like a ritual you had to go through,” he said. “She didn’t tell anybody. She later said it was kind of a mental game. She was kind of twisted.

“The Crown says he took advantage of her for his own sexual ends.”

The girl eventually told her mother there were things that were too painful to reveal.

Telling, now of Eastbourne, East Sussex, denied all the allegations, claiming he never had sex with the girl.

The 20-year-old was arrested and cautioned for causing or inciting a girl to engage in sexual activity.


by keith Hunt

A MAN who conducted a sexual relationship with an underage teenage girl for 14 months is jailed

Published April 21, 2013 by misty534


A MAN who conducted a sexual relationship with an underage teenage girl for 14 months was today (Friday April 19) jailed for 16 years.

David Waller, who continues to protest his innocence, was branded “arrogant and self-centred” by the sentencing judge.

Durham Crown Court heard that he told the girl the intimate consensual relationship was, “not just sex”, but “making love”.

The court heard that he bought the girl alcoholic drinks and gave her cigarettes before they had sex at various locations across the North-East, including in a Teesdale caravan, a rented flat in Chester-le-Street, in a car outside St Peter’s Church, in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, and in an Asda store car park.

He also gave her gifts of money, up to £100.

But their relationship ended several years ago, shortly after he committed a sex act to which she objected.

Paul Newcombe, prosecuting, said more recently the girl revealed to her boyfriend she had a “secret”, but finally confided in him, and her mother, what it was, after drinking at a birthday celebration, in September 2011.

The court heard that she also kept a diary charting her encounters with Waller in coded entries.

Police were informed and 44-year-old Waller, of Devonshire Street, Sunderland, was summoned to answer her complaints.

It resulted in him being charged with one count of rape and six of sexual activity with a child.

He denied all the charges, claiming she had made up the allegations in the hope of gaining compensation.

But after a week-long trial at the court, last month, a jury returned unanimous ‘guilty’ charges on all seven counts.

Don MacFaul, in mitigation, told today’s (Fri April 19) sentencing hearing: “He still denies the offences, and, even on the evidence against him, there was no suggestion of force being used.”

Describing him as, “a hard working man”, Mr MacFaul said he has recently, however, suffered “a setback in business.”

Passing the lengthy sentence, Judge Christopher Prince told him: “You have shown no empathy for your victim, and no concern about putting her through the ordeal of a trial.

“You are a self-centred, selfish and arrogant man who manipulated this young girl for sexual pleasure.”

Judge Prince banned Waller from contacting the girl and ordered him to register as a sex offender, both permanently.



Northern Echo


‘Their childhoods were destroyed’: Monster caged after repeatedly raping boy, 7, and young girl in Bolton

Published April 16, 2013 by misty534



A monster who repeatedly raped a boy for three years starting when the victim was just seven-years-old was sentenced today.

Peter Willett, 25, of no fixed abode, had earlier pleaded guilty and was jailed for six years at Minshull Street Crown Court.

The boy was assaulted and raped regularly between 1999 and 2002 at numerous addresses in Bolton – only having the courage to report the terrible crimes when he got older.

Willett also raped a girl who was around eight-years-old at the time.

Detective Constable Nicola Wood from the Serious Sexual Offences Unit said: “I’d like to praise both victims for having the courage to speak up about the years of abuse they have suffered, and I hope this prison sentence brings them some comfort. 

“Their childhoods were destroyed by Willett and in the boy’s case in particular he was subjected to regular sexual assaults and rapes from around the age of seven.”

Police have a Serious Sexual Offences Unit comprising of a dedicated team of staff who are trained to deal with sexual incidents and ensure attackers are brought to justice.

Anyone who feels they have been the victim of a sexual assault can call Greater Manchester Police on 101 or alternatively refer themselves to St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 0161 276 6515.


Mancurian Matters

No retrial for Littlehampton man accused of child sex offences

Published April 15, 2013 by misty534


THERE will be no retrial of the Littlehampton man accused of sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has confirmed.

James Prior, 22, of Horsham Road West, had been charged with sexual assault of a child under 13, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and touching a child under 13 in a sexual way – offences which were alleged to have happened at some point between January 2010 and September 2011.

He had also been charged with rape. However, Mr Prior was cleared of this charge at an earlier trial, at Chichester Crown Court, in March.

The CPS provided no evidence for a retrial to take place.

A spokeswoman for the CPS said: “We took the decision not to go to a retrial after careful consideration and consultation with the victim’s family.”

Coronation Street’s Frank Foster on child sex charge

Published April 15, 2013 by misty534


A FORMER Coronation Street actor has denied sexually assaulting a teenage boy.

Andrew Lancel, 42, was charged last November under his real name Andrew Watkinson.

The actor, from Gateacre in Liverpool, is best known for his role as Frank Foster in the ITV soap.

Watkinson appeared at Liverpool Crown Court today where he pleaded not guilty to six counts of indecent assault of a child under the age of 15.

The charges relate to one male victim and the offending allegedly took place between 1993 and 1994, the court heard.

Watkinson, wearing a grey suit, white shirt and grey and black chequered tie, was granted bail until his five-day trial starts on June 3.


Ex-serviceman found guilty of sex offences

Published April 5, 2013 by misty534



A FORMER RAF officer has been remanded in custody after a jury convicted him of sexually assaulting two teenage boys he took back home from a village pub.

Thomas McGrath, 40, performed oral sex on a 15-year-old, who was sleeping at his home in Shillington on New Year’s Day 2007.

Five and a half years later, on June 5 last year, he touched the penis of a 16 year old boy, who was also spending the the night at his home.

Prosecutor Maryam Syed told the jury at Luton Crown Court on Friday that the offences happened at McGrath’s home in Hanscombe End Road, Shillington, where he lived on his own.

She said the first victim, who is now aged 21, had been befriended by McGrath, who was an officer in the RAF.

After seeing in the New Year at the Musgrave Arms in the village, the 15 year old and another man went back with McGrath to his home. There, she said, McGrath fell asleep on the sofa, the other man went to the spare room and the boy ended up sleeping on top of the duvet in the defendant’s bedroom.

Ms Syed said he was woken at 4am to find McGrath performing oral sex on him. She said the victim was left “shocked and embarrassed.”

The boy suppressed what had happened until the early hours of Christmas Day 2011, when he confided in an ex-girlfriend and later told another friend.

A second sexual offence took place over the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend last year. The 16-year-old had also gone to the Musgrave Arms on Monday, June 4. He then went to stay the night in McGrath’s spare room. At 3.30am he was woken by McGrath who rubbed his legs and touched his penis.

The teenager left the home in tears and called his father to collect him. McGrath then sent him a text that read: ‘Are you all right mate?’

He reported the alleged assault to the police. When the other alleged victim became aware of that allegation, he reported what he said had happened in 2007.

Ms Syed went on: “McGrath was interviewed and he denied any sexual activity. He accepted the boys were in his property but said nothing had happened.”

McGrath pleaded not guilty to causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent and sexual assault, but was convicted by the jury of six men and six women on Friday after considering their verdicts for 90 minutes.

Judge Michael Kay QC remanded McGrath in custody and told him a custodial sentence was inevitable.



Child rape accused in custody

Published April 5, 2013 by misty534



A 46 year-old Greysteel man accused of child rape has been returned for trial at Derry Crown Court.

 Christopher McGuinness, of Inishowen View, Greysteel, faces multiple counts of sexually assaulting a child under the age 13 years. The alleged offences occurred on dates between October 2008 and December 2010.

McGuinness appeared at Limavady Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday to face one charge of raping a child under 13, seven charges of sexually assaulting a child under 13, six counts of making indecent images of a child, three charges of causing a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity. He also faces two charges of attempted indecent assault on a female and two charges of attempted sexual assault of a female.

He was remanded in continuing custody for trial at Derry Crown on April 25.


Derry Journal