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Three convicted of child sex attacks in Manchester

Published July 25, 2013 by misty534

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Three men have been convicted of sex offences against two young girls, by a jury at Manchester Crown Court.

Shamin Uddin, 26, was convicted of raping both girls, two charges of attempting to rape one of the girls and one of sex with a child.

Robert Jackson, 23, of Bramwell Drive, Manchester was convicted of rape and Giash Uddin, 27, of Countess Road, Macclesfield, of sex with a child.

The offences took place in Manchester. Sentencing is due in September.

Shamin Uddin was cleared of two other rape allegations.

A rape charge and one of sexual trafficking against Giash Uddin were ordered to lie on the file by the judge.

‘Vulnerable victims’

Two other men – Shahab Uddin, 25, of Britnall Avenue, Manchester, and Scott Jackson, 20, of Brackley Avenue, Manchester – were cleared of rape.

Nazir Afzal, chief crown prosecutor for CPS North West, said the men had committed serious sexual offences against “vulnerable and impressionable young victims” who they initially flattered.

“They were groomed and plied with drugs and large amounts of alcohol and then manipulated so they felt obliged to repay their abusers in the form of sexual favours,” he said.

Mr Afzal added that the offences often took place when the girls were too intoxicated to consent to sex.

“Nevertheless the men used them for their own gratification and cruelly exploited them,” he said.

Mr Afzal praised the bravery of the girls in testifying.