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Nelson man had vile child sex abuse images on computer

Published July 9, 2013 by misty534

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A self-employed Nelson man with almost 300 child pornography images on his laptop has been put on a three-year internet sex offenders’ treatment programme.


Edward Jeffrey (42), of Waidshouse Road, Nelson, was found to have 284 images of child abuse on his laptop when police arrived at his home with a search warrant.

David Macro (prosecuting) told Burnley Crown Court that in a police interview, Jeffrey admitted viewing the pictures for two years.

Jeffrey claimed to have been “not getting sexual gratification” from doing it, however, and instead said he was “researching” having recognised the background to one of the rooms where abuse was taking place.

Mr Macro said Jeffrey had sought help from counsellors and church leaders.

Richard Taylor (defending) said Jeffrey was a family man and was “humbled” by the support he had received from friends and family.

Mr Taylor said Jeffrey was a “troubled” man who was “ashamed” but also one with “a sense of relief” he had been caught and stopped. Mr Taylor said Jeffrey was finding the weekly counselling “extremely helpful”.

Recorder Andrew Edis QC said some of the acts depicted in the images were “the gravest kind of child abuse”.

He said: “Apart from being ashamed of being found out as I have no doubt you are, you might look to think if it wasn’t for people like you these children wouldn’t be harmed like that”.

Recorder Edis QC said it was “particularly disturbing to discover” that Jeffrey had said he had no sexual interest in children.

He said: “That’s completely unconvincing. It’s nonsense.”

Although Recorder Edis QC said a custody sentence would be “richly deserved” he said: “I’m not sending you to prison because you will come out with the same problem.”

As well as the three-year treatment programme, Jeffrey was given a five-year sexual offenders prevention order, a three-year supervision order, signed the sex offenders’ register and paid a £60 victim surcharge and £400 costs.



Pervert filmed children in Aberdeen shopping centre toilets

Published July 6, 2013 by misty534



A PERVERT has been put on the sex offenders register indefinitely after installing a video camera in the family toilets of an Aberdeen shopping centre.

Tomasz Stozek, 35, who has previous convictions for sex offences, was jailed for 16 months and will remain on licence for a further 14 months.

Stozek, who was described as a prisoner in Aberdeen, admitted that between March 4 and May 12 at Union Square and elsewhere in Aberdeen he broke a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) banning him from possessing or using any camera equipment.

He also admitted he recorded people, including children, in the Union Square toilets in Aberdeen, without their knowledge or consent.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court was told the footage lasted for 45 minutes and two women and two children were captured on film.

A spokesman for Aberdeen’s Union Square declined to comment.


By Karen Roberts

Pervert is back in jail after moving

Published July 2, 2013 by misty534



A CONVICTED child sex offender is today back behind bars after failing to tell police he had moved to Uttoxeter.

Paul Cordwell, who was living in Balance Street, was ordered to return to prison by Stafford Crown Court after he admitted failing to tell police he had moved from Newcastle under Lyme to the town.

The court heard the 48-year-old was ‘deliberately’ flouting a court order which put him on the sex offenders’ register for ten years.

The order was made back in November 2010 for offences of sexual assault.

It requires Cordwell to notify police of any change of his address.

He was caged for 21 months by the court.

Joanne Barker, prosecuting, said police carried out a spot check on his registered address in Newcastle under Lyme on April 17 this year and found he was no longer living there.

He was traced to an address in Uttoxeter and then arrested on May 25.

When questioned he claimed he had informed the police of his move.

Miss Barker added there was no evidence that Cordwell had illicitly moved in order to facilitate further sexual offences against children.

Darron Whitehead, defending, told the judge that he had specific instructions from the defendant not to mitigate the offence as he had said he wished to be sent to prison.

He said: “It was a deliberate breach.

“He wishes to be sentenced to custody.

“He doesn’t have an address [in Uttoxeter], it was his former partner’s address.

“That relationship no longer exists. He sees no future for himself.”

Judge Michael Challinor told him that the court had to consider protecting the public when sentencing him, although he added it was not the worst case there has been.

He said: “You were sentenced for sexual offences and ordered to notify the police [of your address].

“You failed to do that. This isn’t the worst case there is, but the court has to consider protection of the public.”

The judge added that imposing a short sentence would expose the public to risk.

Judge Challinor told Cordwell he was to be sent to prison for a year after admitting breaching the terms of the sex offenders’ register.



Pervert took 13-year-old girl’s virginity

Published July 1, 2013 by misty534


A PERVERT loner who lived in the woods at Wilberfoss has been jailed for three years for taking the virginity of a 13-year-old schoolgirl he groomed over the internet.


Ian Brazier, 27, made contact with the girl on the Teenchat website telling her he was 25, while she told him she was 17. The relationship soon became sexual with the pair discussing what they would do to each other if they were to meet up.

Brazier booked into a bed and breakfast hotel and invited the girl to visit him in York.

Crown barrister Mark Kendall told Hull Crown Court: “During the course of the afternoon he took her virginity, although he did not know it at the time.

“He had initially made contact with her over the Teenchat website. She initially told him she was 17, but later told him she was 13. He said he was ok with that.”

He said the pair engaged in various sexual acts in York without contraception, before she went home. He then invited her back to his camp at Wilberfoss as their relationship continued.

He was only caught when a member of the public reported concerns for a young girl they had seen running around in woodland. The police then searched the Wilberfoss woods and found Brazier’s camp site. He originally lived with his parents and younger brother in Bartley, Shirley, near Sollihul.

The girl gave a video interview to the police in which she admitted sexual activity with other males over the internet.

Ian Brazier, 27, appeared for sentence last Friday after pleading guilty to six offences of having sexual activity with a child over a two year period. He pleaded not guilty to three charges of sexual activity with the same girl.

Defence barrister Paul Genney said: “He is a loner and an inadequate man with a low IQ. He has no friends and lives somewhat like a recluse. His fascination with sexual interests could stem from his feeling of inadequacy at being bullied in school.”

Sentencing Judge Simon Jack told Brazier: “You knew perfectly well what you were doing was wrong. You knew it was illegal, but you decided to go ahead anyway.

“You are old enough and intelligent enough to be responsible for your own acts. These were very serious offences and there has to be a substantial prison sentence.”

“You will take part in a sex offender’s treatment programme while in prison. I hope you take full advantage of that to prevent a repeat of these offences.”

The judge also imposed a 10-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order on Mr Brazier. He must also sign on the National Sex Offenders’ Register indefinitely.


Pocklington Post

Pervert jailed at Northampton Crown Court for sex offences

Published June 28, 2013 by misty534



A pervert has been jailed and told he must sign the sex offender register for the next decade after being convicted of sex offences.


Matthew  Ibbeson,aged 34, from Northampton, was convicted at Northampton Crown Court last week of six child sex offences, including two charges relating to indecent photographs of children.

Ibbeson was sentenced to a total of 22 months in prison.


Northampton Chronicle

Trowbridge man jailed over child porn images

Published June 28, 2013 by misty534



A Trowbridge man has been jailed for 12 months after pleading guilty to downloading indecent videos of children.

Dmytro Shevchenko, 33, a Ukrainian national living in Bond Street, Trowbridge, was sentenced at Swindon Crown Court yesterday.

He had previously pleaded guilty to one count of possession of indecent images of children, five counts of making indecent images/videos of children and one count of possession of extreme pornography.

Based on intelligence received, Wiltshire Police officers executed a warrant at Mr Shevchenko’s home on November 7 last year, seizing several computers and components, including one computer that had been broken down and assembled into a working machine inside a cardboard box.

Examination of the items seized uncovered 33 indecent movies of children including four that were over two hours long. Many of the remaining movies ran between 45 and 60 minutes.

As well as 12 months imprisonment Mr Shevchenko was also given a 10-year sex offender prevention order and will remain on the sex offender register for 10 years.

Acting detective sergeant Simon Guerri-Fear from the Child Internet Exploitation team said: “The content discovered in this case depicted some of the most vile defilement of children that we have seen.

“Viewing and downloading indecent images or videos of children equates to child abuse and fuels a demand for more content of this nature.

‘We have specialist teams of officers trained to deal with all aspects of sexual abuse against both children and adults, and I must recognise the professional way in which this case was managed by the officers involved.


Wiltshire Times

Scout leader jailed over child porn pics

Published June 28, 2013 by misty534

A SCOUT leader of 30 years has been jailed after “disgusting and depraved” child pornography images were found on his computer.

Derrick Lodge admitted possessing 33 indecent pictures, six of which involved children engaged in sexual activity, Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court was told.

  1. scout

    Derrick Lodge, Scout leader for 30 years, admitted possessing 33 indecent pictures.

The court heard how the 54-year-old, of Duffield, was snared by police after he took a computer to be fixed and staff at the shop found the images and alerted detectives.

Police seized hard drives and a computer tower from his home, in Old Mill Close, and on his arrest, in January, Lodge told police he believed the images arrived as “pop-ups” which he was unable to delete as he was “disorganised with computers”.

But at court Lodge, who was involved with different Scout groups in the village and also on the organising committee of the Duffield Carnival, pleaded guilty to four separate counts of possessing indecent images.

Jailing him for 18 weeks and ordering him to sign the sex offenders’ register for seven years, Judge Joanne Alderson said: “I agree you have done much good in the community over the years, but what gives me great concern is that during your time involved in the Scout movement you had in your possession and were viewing these disgusting and depraved images.

“Six of these 33 images were of category four, the second most serious type of child pornography and images which show sexual activity with a child. This is extremely concerning. Anyone who, like you, looks at these pictures of these children is exploiting them over and over again.”

Lynn Manning, prosecuting, told the court that Lodge took his computer to be repaired at a shop in January.

She said: “The staff viewed the contents of the hard drive and saw numerous images of young children and alerted the police. The defendant was arrested and in interview told officers he used the computer to access chat rooms and thinks the pornographic images arrived as pop-ups and at time he had to pull the plug on his computer to stop them. He told them he was disorganised with computers which is why the images might still be on his hard drive.”

Stacey White, for Lodge, said her client was the only person to use his computer and that he had not shared any of the offending images.

She said: “He has been part of the Scouting movement for 30 years and was released from his role following his arrest in January. He was also part of the organising committee for the Duffield Carnival. He worked as an engineer for 20 years before he lost his job in August 2012 and lives with and looks after his elderly mother.”

Speaking after sentencing, Nigel Hooker, part of the Duffield Carnival organising committee, said: “The court has given its verdict. We are sorry there is an interest in child pornography in society and do not condone it.”

A spokesman for the Scout Association said it carries out stringent vetting of all adults who work with young people and requires them to work to a strict code of practice. He added Lodge would never again be allowed to work in the movement.

This is derbyshire

‘Remorseless’ paedophile is sent to prison

Published June 28, 2013 by misty534


A paedophile who distributed disturbing images of children over the internet has been locked up.

Police found that Jason Leonard, 31, had downloaded 251 indecent images of children when they investigated his computer equipment – five of which were at the highest level.

The ‘remorseless’ sex offender then shared the images on the internet using a file sharing website. The court heard that Leonard had originally intended to take his case to trial and air his ‘distorted’ views to a jury.

Judge Beverely Lunt was unable to class Leonard as a dangerous offender but said he met the criteria in her view.

She jailed him for 32 months due to the number of high-level images and because of Leonard’s views which she said did not merit any airing.

She added: “The only thing that can be said in your favour is that you did plead guilty. Because of the views you have expressed I would have found you to be a dangerous offender.” Prosecutor Michael Wallbank told Burnley Crown Court how police had searched Leonard’s Haslingden home in January 2012.

They seized computer equipment which was sent to police technology experts and a ‘high number’ of indecent images were found.

Five images were at the highest level 5, 87 images at level 4, 50 images at level 3, 36 at level 2 and 73 at level 1, Mr Wallbank said. Leonard had admitted downloading and viewing indecent images of children and using a file sharing website allowing users worldwide to view the images.

Leonard, of Pilling Street, Haslingden, pleaded guilty to distributing indecent photographs of a child. Phillip Holden, defending, said Leonard has ‘paedophilic tendencies’ but the distribution of images was difficult to determine.

He said: “We can’t say it’s widespread distribution as the evidence doesn’t seem to point to that.”

Mr Holden said the defendant was frank with the probation service and appeared to have a lack of remorse but had pleaded guilty to the offences. He added: “His original intention was to run a trial and set out these views in front of a jury in a rather more public form than he does today.”

Leonard was also handed an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order prohibiting his internet usage and use of image storage devices. He must sign the sex offenders’ register for life and is disqualified from working with children for life.


Rosenndale free press

Jailed for possession of child porn

Published June 13, 2013 by misty534

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A Craigavon man has been jailed for having indecent photographs of children.

Twenty six year old Christopher Cork, Drumellan Court, Craigavon, appeared last Wednesday at the Crown Court.

He faced a total of 16 charges and was convicted on 13 of them with the other three left on the books.

Cork was charged with having the pornographic images on August 25, 2011.

Having taken into account the defendant’s early plea the judge sentenced him to a total sentence of 15 months.

Three months of this sentence was in custody and 12 on licence when he is released.

Having been convicted in respect of a sexual offence covered by the Sexual Offences Act 2003 the defendant was notified in open court of his requirement to comply with the notification requirements of the Act for a period of ten years.

The court also considered that a Sexual Offences Prevention Order should be made,

Cork is banned from owning or having access to a computer or any other electronic device/storage media that has the capacity for the Internet, without the prior knowledge and approval of his Designated Risk Manager.

He is also prohibited from denying access to any said devices when requested for inspection by a police officer.

Cork is not allowed to deleted any history from devices which he has been given approval to use by Designated Risk Manager.

Because he was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 12 months or more it was ordered that the defendant be disqualified from working with children, under the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Order 2003.


Lurgan Mail

Johnston man pleads guilty to possession of 7,000 indecent images of children

Published June 12, 2013 by misty534


A Johnston man who pleaded guilty to 17 charges of possessing more than 7,000 indecent images of children will be sentenced at Swansea Crown Court later this month.

Roy Alan Wilson, aged 66, of Victoria Gardens, appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates court yesterday (Tuesday).

On September 20th last year, he was found to be in possession of 7,012 indecent photographs, which included 18 category five (the most serious) images, 581 category four images, 1,775 category three images, 94 category two images and 4,544 category one images.

Wilson will next appear before a judge on June 28th.

He has also been ordered to register as a sex offender.


Milford & West Wales Mercury