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Police liaison officer assaulted victims of sexual abuse he was meant to be helping, court told

Published July 24, 2013 by misty534


A police liaison officer sexually assaulted female victims of domestic abuse he was meant to be helping, a court heard.


Detective Constable Jeffrey Davies, 42, is accused of using his position to “achieve what he wanted sexually” while he was meant to be looking after the vulnerable female victims.

John Hipkin, prosecuting at Swansea Crown Court, said: “After being in CID Davies became a family liaison officer – a position of the utmost sensitivity.

“The contrast between his position and the three women led to feel that they would not be believed about what happened.”

Davies denies sexually assaulting two women and exposing himself to a third in his police station.

One of his alleged victims, a mother-of-three in her thirties, told the court that Davies abused her after she attended the police station to make a statement on suffering domestic abuse by her partner.

Mr Hipkin went on: “Following an interview, as the woman was about to leave the room, Davies pushed her against the wall with his whole body.

“He then took her right hand and pulled it down towards the front of his trousers.”

The mother told the court: “He interviewed me in the police station about my ex-partner and when he finished he came on to me.

“He asked me about finding someone tidy and I said: ‘What someone like you?’ because he was a professional and respectable person unlike my ex.

“He smiled and laughed it off but as I was leaving to get the door he shoved me against the wall and grabbed my hand and made me touch his privates.

“His hand was on my hand and he kept it there for what seemed like minutes.

“He was saying something but I felt so frightened I wasn’t taking any of it in. He did say he was going to come and see me again.”

The court was told that Davies called the mother a few weeks later before making unwanted sexual advances, which made her “feel sick”.

The mother initially kept the alleged incident to herself because she thought she would not be believed.

She eventually told her sister about the assault in the police station interview room.

Swansea Crown Court heard Davies was dealing with another victim of domestic abuse when he suggested they went for a “little drive”.

The jury was told Davies, of Merthyr Tydfil, “made a detour” to a lane where he touched the woman “in a sexual way” by rubbing and stroking her leg.

Davies also allegedly exposed himself to a woman while investigating a burglary at her home.

The court heard Davies went with the woman to inspect damage in her bedroom when he pushed the door shut behind them.

Mr Hipkin said that when the woman turned around to look at him, she saw that Davies was exposing himself.

The three alleged offences happened in 2010 and 2011 while Davies was a South Wales Police officer.

The trial continues.


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