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ITV News reveals how police ignored teenage victim’s written account of sexual abuse

Published October 15, 2014 by misty534


ITV News has learned that police are to re-open an investigation into the death of a Rochdale teenager who alleged she was sexually exploited by a gang of older men.

Victoria Agoglia Byrne, 15, died of a suspected drugs overdose in 2003. She was living in a care home for young people at the time.

In an account written as much as two years before her death, Victoria described her sexual abuse by a gang of older men.

As part of our investigation into failings by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to investigate sexual exploitation, ITV News can reveal that Victoria’s account was handed to police in 2004 but was never acted upon.

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Although one man was later jailed for supplying drugs to the teenager, officers have never pursued allegations that she was sexually abused.

Victoria’s account, which is not printed in full out of respect for her family, includes references to sexual exploitation and drugs. An extract reads:

I am only 13. I got the rest of my life ahead of me. I have slept with people older than me. Half of them I don’t even know there [sic] names.


Timeline of alleged sexual abuse of Rochdale teenager

Police are to re-open an investigation into the 2003 death of Rochdale teenager Victoria Agoglia Byrne after an ITV News investigation revealed overlooked evidence of sexual abuse. Here is a timeline of her case:

  • 1997 – Victoria moves into a care home for young people following her mother’s death
  • 2001 – She is believed to have written an account of her sexual exploitation and use of drugs in this year, aged 13
  • 2003 – Victoria found dead in a Manchester flat after a drugs overdose
  • 2004 – Greater Manchester Police receive an internal report detailing claims of sexual abuse against numerous young victims including Victoria
  • 2012 – Nine men jailed for running a child sex ring in Rochdale
  • 2014 – Greater Manchester Police agree to re-open investigation into following an ITV News investigation