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Paedophile who had extreme child sex images is found in playground in Swansea – now he’s been jailed

Published January 14, 2015 by misty534

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A MAN who visited a children’s play area despite having a lifetime ban preventing him from going to places frequented by youngsters has been jailed.

A judge said he would be failing in his public duty if he did not give David John Filor an immediate prison sentence.

Filor, of The Strand, was seen in a play area attached to the Volcano Theatre project on Swansea’s High Street in July last year.

Swansea Crown Court heard he had visited the area a number of times and staff thought he was “odd”, though there was no suggestion that he had approached any of the youngsters using the play scheme.

He was arrested a short time after leaving the venue.

The court was told the High Street incident was the third time the 34-year-old had breached a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (Sopo) which bans him from going to schools, leisure centres and other places frequented by children under 16.

Filor had been jailed and given an indefinite Sopo in 2011 after admitting to making and possessing more than 400 of indecent images of children, more than 80 of which were in the most extreme category.

The sentencing judge in that case — Christopher Llewellyn-Jones — branded the images as “exceedingly disgusting, revolting and very disturbing”.

However, within hours of being released from prison he breached the order and was arrested while looking at children in the swimming pool of Newport Leisure Centre; and then after serving a further sentence he breached the order again by trying to arrange a day out in Swansea with the young daughter of a woman who was working in a charity shop.

His Honour Judge Peter Heywood QC jailed Peel for 15 months for the High Street breach, saying it was a matter of “grave concern” that he was frequenting places where he should not be.

He said: “I would be failing in my duty to the public if I did anything other than impose an immediate custodial sentence.”

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