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Scotland Yard being investigated over explosive claims it covered up child sexual abuse by senior politicians

Published March 17, 2015 by misty534

The IPCC is to investigate 14 allegations of corruption in the Metropolitan Police concerning establishment child abuse between 1970 and 2005

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 00.30.05

Scotland Yard is being investigated over explosive claims it covered up child sexual abuse by senior politicians, the police watchdog revealed today.

They include allegations uncovered by the Daily Mirror that a detective was removed from a paedophile probe in 1998 when he named a minister in Tony Blair’s government as a suspect.

The Lambeth children’s home case tops a list of 14 police corruption claims being probed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission between 1970 and 2005.

Labour MP Tom Watson tonight praised the Daily Mirror and our sister paper the Sunday People for uncovering the scandal.

Mr Watson, who sparked the police investigations by raising concerns about a cover-up of abusers linked to Westminster, said: “This is potentially a very serious milestone in pursuit of justice for survivors of serious sexual crimes.

“For many years they were dismissed as conspiracy theorists and fantasists. Now they are being taken seriously.

“All credit to the Daily Mirror and the Sunday People for digging away at this story for the last two years.”

The anti-corruption probe could see police officers, politicians and civil servants being convicted of perverting the course of justice or misconduct in public office.

It is the largest ever corruption investigation involving allegations the police protected establishment figures.

Among the 14 referrals is a claim that a police surveillance operation of a child abuse ring was shut down because former Liberal MP Cyril Smith was among the suspects.

An investigation into young men being targeted in Dolphin Square, the apartment complex popular with MPs, was also allegedly stopped because officers were “too near prominent people”, the IPCC said.

Praise: Tom Watson MP

Another case involves a Houses of Parliament document found at a paedophile’s home linking a number of MPs and senior police officers to an abuse ring, but no further action was taken.

Officers are also investigating claims that an abuse victim’s account was altered to omit a senior politician’s name, while it is also alleged that no further action was taken into claims of child sex abuse involving a former senior Met Police officer and “further members of the establishment including judges”.

Another is that police officers sexually abused a boy and carried out surveillance on him.

Sarah Green, deputy chair of the IPCC, said: “These allegations are of historic, high level corruption of the most serious nature.

“Allegations of this nature are of grave concern and I would like to reassure people of our absolute commitment to ensuring that the investigations are thorough and robust.”

The People front page from February 3rd

Yvette Cooper, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, said: “Child abuse is a horrific crime and the allegations the IPCC is investigating are of the utmost seriousness.

“Given the gravity of the crimes being investigated, it is worrying this is not a fully independent investigation.

“Instead the Met will lead this work with oversight from the IPCC. Surely this should be done by an independent investigator or, at the very least an alternate force.

“For too long the voices of abused children have been ignored and the crimes against them have gone un-investigated.

“In too many cases, people in a position to protect children failed to act and let them down. In the worst cases, there were attempts to undermine or discredit children reporting abuse.

“It is vital this investigation is able to get to the truth of these appalling allegations, root out anyone involved in wrongdoing and pursue criminal proceedings wherever needed.”

GettySimon Danczuk, a British Member of Parliament
No surprise: Simon Danczuk MP believes it’s ‘inevitable’ that a cover up will be unearthed

Campaigning MP Simon Danczuk said: “I’m not surprised that the IPCC has taken the decision to investigate this.

“Really this is a significant development in what has been the whole story around the historic child sex abuse around Westminster.

“If what I’ve been told over the last couple of years is true then it does indeed involve senior politicians.

“I think we are on the cusp of finding out exactly what went on in the 70s and 1980s and I’m sorry to say that I think it will be shown that senior politicians were involved in abuse and there was a cover-up.

“I think that’s inevitable now.”

How the Mirror and People have led the way

Cyril Smith

Cyril Smith
Allegations: Former Lib Dem MP Cyril Smith

An undercover police operation that had gathered evidence of child abuse by Cyril Smith was scrapped shortly after detectives moved in to make arrests, BBC Newsnight has reported.

Detectives investigating sex parties involving boys in the 1980s allegedly took the Liberal MP to a police station, but released him within hours.

Officers were then ordered to hand over all the evidence and warned to keep quiet or face prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.

The squad suspected boys from care homes were being provided “to order” for sex.

Former Blair Minister

BBCClive Driscoll
Experienced: But Met detective Clive Driscoll was ordered off the investigation into allegations about one of Tony Blair’s Ministers

The Daily Mirror has revealed how one of Tony Blair’s ministers was among a group of men suspected of sexually abusing children at a home run by a convicted paedophile.

The police probe was halted soon after an ex-social services boss told police of the politician’s alleged visits in the early 1980s.

Two former Lambeth social services employees involved in the case suspect a cover-up because experienced detective Clive Driscoll was removed from the investigation and given other duties in 1998.

Dolphin Square

PAGeneral view of Dolphin Square in Pimlico, London
Allegations: The Dolphin Square apartment complex in Pimlico, London

Allegation of child sex abuse by MPs and other VIPs at luxury flats in the shadow of Westminster were revealed by the Sunday People.

Detectives are probing chilling claims of “abuse parties” at Dolphin Square, where many MPs had homes. They are also examining allegations that children were murdered by the abuse ring.

The Met launched the fresh investigation after the Sunday People revealed the accounts of two men who said they were abused in the flats more than 30 years ago.

Leon Brittan

Leon Brittan MP
Allegations: Former Conservative Home Secretary Leon Brittan

An alleged victim of a Westminster paedophile ring told police Leon Brittan had abused him more than a dozen times.

The witness, known as Nick, said he also saw most of his friends molested by the former Home Secretary, who died in January, aged 75.

Nick identified Mr Brittan as being present at VIP abuse parties when he spoke to the investigative website Exaro.

Asked how he knew who he was, Nick said: “He told me. Not his full name. He told me it was Leon.” As he got older, he had realised it was Brittan.

The 14 referrals being investigated by the IPCC are allegations that:

  • There was a potential cover up around failures to properly investigate child sex abuse offences in south London and further information about criminal allegations against a politician being dropped.
  • An investigation involving a proactive operation targeting young men in Dolphin Square was stopped because officers were too near prominent people.
  • A document was found at an address of a paedophile that originated from the Houses of Parliament listing a number of highly prominent individuals (MPs and senior police officers) as being involved in a paedophile ring and no further action was taken.
  • An account provided by an abuse victim had been altered to omit the name of a senior politician.
  • An investigation into a paedophile ring, in which a number of people were convicted, did not take action in relation to other more prominent individuals.
  • A politician had spoken with a senior Met Police officer and demanded no action was taken regarding a paedophile ring and boys being procured and supplied to prominent persons in Westminster in the 1970s.
  • In the late 1970s a surveillance operation that gathered intelligence on a politician being involved in paedophile activities was closed down by a senior Met Police officer.
  • A dossier of allegations against senior figures and politicians involved in child abuse were taken by Special Branch officers.
  • A surveillance operation of a child abuse ring was subsequently shut down due to high profile people being involved.
  • Child sex abuse against a senior politician and a subsequent cover-up of his crimes.
  • During a sexual abuse investigation a senior officer instructed the investigation be halted and that that order had come from ‘up high’ in the Met.
  • A conspiracy within the Met to prevent the prosecution of a politician suspected of offences.
  • No further action was taken following allegations against a former senior Met Police officer regarding child sex abuse and that further members of the establishment including judges were involved
  • Police officers sexually abused a boy and carried out surveillance on him. There are further allegations of financial corruption in a London borough police force.

by Tom Pettifor

Was Man Murdered For Exposing Paedophile Ring?

Published March 11, 2015 by misty534

Police investigating Westminster-linked child abuse are examining whether a man was murdered because he was about to expose a paedophile ring operating within a London council.

Sky News has obtained details of an internal investigation documenting sexual assaults and abuse carried out by officers within Lambeth Council in the 1990s.

The unpublished report reveals claims from those within the council that Bulic Forsythe, a manager in the housing department whose murder sparked a nationwide appeal in 1993, may have discovered council property was being used to carry out abuse.

That abuse involved senior figures in Lambeth who were using council premises for the rape of women and children, according to the report’s remarkable findings.

They used the basement of Lambeth’s housing headquarters, the report says, because “sexual assault could be performed without fear of interruption by other staff”.

A senior staff member is accused of watching material with “sadistic, bestial and paedophile themes” which “may have been home-produced by staff of people with whom they associated”.

One female staff member was subject to a rape on council premises “of horrendous proportions”, such that she was still suffering from serious injuries one month on.

She described being raped alongside children and animals by senior figures in the council.

Although the report, which was prompted by alleged breaches of the council’s equal opportunities policy, recommends a criminal investigation, its findings were never formally investigated by the police at the time.

Instead, the perpetrators within the council were dismissed from their positions. The report has never before been made public.

It also reveals that colleagues of Bulic Forsythe, whose family have long believed he was murdered to prevent him from blowing the whistle on events at Lambeth, also feared he had been killed as part of a cover up.

“The murder of Bulic Forsythe was seen by some witnesses as a possible outcome for anyone who strayed too far in their investigation or for those who asked too many questions,” the report says.

“The panel heard evidence about Bulic Forsythe whilst he was working in social services visiting Hambrook House and speaking to a colleague and telling her that he was going to ‘spill the beans’.

“Three days later he was killed,” the report says.

Sky News showed the report to Kiddist Forsythe, 21, the daughter of Bulic Forsythe, who was born three months after his murder.

She said: “Some of the stuff that’s in here, I honestly can’t believe happened. I was very shocked.

“It’s really clear the fear that operated in the council – it seems from the report my father felt that fear,” she went on, adding he was scared that if he moved jobs “people in power could still get to him”.

Sky News contacted a number of people who held senior positions in Lambeth at the time of the alleged incidents. All said the council had elements of dysfunctionality and was plagued by corruption and fear.

Dr Nigel Goldie, former assistant director of social services, said: “There were often rather strange things happening. Things going on behind the scenes that were never properly explained or known about.

“This was in the context of an organisation that displayed dysfunctional features.”

There has been a renewed focus on events in Lambeth in the 1980s and 1990s amid growing evidence of a series of paedophile rings operating across England involving the abuse of children in care homes, in some cases allegedly by politicians and other senior figures.

The Metropolitan Police, which has been investigating events in Lambeth at the time under Operation Trinity, said it was considering the report as part of its investigation.

Detective Inspector Sean Crotty said: “This report provides the context to people who were abused in Lambeth.

“What we need is for people who were children at the time and who were abused to come forward.”

Lambeth Council said it is supporting Operation Trinity and is working closely with specialist police investigators.

A spokesperson said: “Lambeth Council is determined to do all that we can to support this renewed push to tackle the issue, and ensure that offenders who had previously escaped justice are now held to account.”


Thatcher turned a ‘blind eye’ to Smith abuse

Published March 8, 2015 by misty534

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 16.05.31

Margaret Thatcher was told about the child sex abuse allegations against the MP Cyril Smith when she was still Prime Minister

The UK government has been accused of trying to suppress a dossier of secret files which reveal that Margaret Thatcher knew about child sex abuse allegations against the MP Cyril Smith before he was knighted.

The documents, only made public this week after an intervention from the Information Commissioner, include an undated letter marked “secret” warning Ms Thatcher that there was “the risk that such an award could give rise to adverse criticism”.

Smith, who died in 2010, served as the Liberal and later Liberal Democrat MP for Rochdale between 1972 and 1992.

He was accused of abusing eight boys in the late 1960s and, though he was not prosecuted at the time, police say procedural changes mean he would be today.

Read More: Twenty people claim to be victims of sexual abuse by Sir Cyril Smith

The Cabinet Office has denied a “cover-up” after releasing the 19-page file following repeated demands from the UK Mail on Sunday, and said the case was “sensitive and complex”.

Among the letters relating to the decision to knight Smith in 1988, the warning letter from Political Honours Scrutiny Committee member Lord Shackleton spelled out to Ms Thatcher that police had investigated Smith in 1970 for “indecent assault against teenage boys”.

It said that that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had decided “there was no reasonable prospect of conviction”.

Read More: Six named in Westminster child sex file sent to police

The letter to the then prime minister said the case was reported in the Rochdale Alternative Press and Private Eye, adding: “One may regret this kind of press reporting but it could be revived if an award to Mr Smith were made.”

Lord Shackleton said it would be “slightly unfortunate” if this “episode” stopped Smith receiving the honour but added: “We felt it right to warn the honours system would be at some risk if the award were to be made and announced.”

The Mail on Sunday reported that another letter in the file, from Britain’s most senior civil servant at the time, the cabinet secretary Sir Robin Butler, asking the DPP why Smith was never prosecuted.

Read More: Murder of three boys linked to ‘MP child sex gang’

He said: “The case for taking the exceptional step of writing to you in this way is to protect the Prime Minister (and The Queen) while also being fair to Mr Smith.”

He said the committee wanted to know “whether the case against Mr Smith was not well founded: or whether it was a sound case, but that the evidence was not likely to stand up in court”.

The newspaper said no reply from the DPP is recorded in the file.

Independent News Service

Tories accused of paedophile smear plot against Labour MPs after series of emails from party HQ staff were sent to journalist by accident

Published February 19, 2015 by misty534
  • Labour MP Tom Watson made extraordinary claim in an online blog post
  • Said he was told journalist was mistakenly copied in on top Tories’ emails
  • Officials speculated about which Labour MPs were paedophiles, he claimed

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 18.54.24

Top Tories swapped emails discussing how to smear Labour MPs with paedophile allegations, it was claimed yesterday.

A series of the messages between staff at Conservative Campaign Headquarters were allegedly sent to a national newspaper journalist by accident.

Labour MP Tom Watson made the extraordinary claim in an online blog. He said he was told that the journalist was mistakenly copied in on emails in which Tory officials speculated about which Labour MPs were paedophiles.

The MP claimed the alleged messages meant that senior Conservative officers were either withholding ‘vital intelligence’ from the police or engaging in a ‘smear campaign’ against their opponents.

Mr Watson, former Labour Party deputy chairman and general election co-ordinator, wrote to David Cameron about the alleged emails last month.

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps replied to Mr Watson saying he had looked into the claims and found no evidence to back them up.

Separately, a senior executive at the newspaper told Mr Watson the emails in fact related to well-established links between senior Labour politicians and notorious campaign group, the Paedophile Information Exchange.

A Tory Party spokesman said last night that Mr Watson’s allegations were ‘completely false and without foundation’.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 18.56.00

Sam Marsden

Inquiry into child sexual abuse by establishment figures could look at crimes as far back as 1945, says inquiry chair

Published February 15, 2015 by misty534


There are calls to broaden the geographical and chronological scope of the investigation

The inquiry into child sex abuse by establishment figures may have to examine crimes committed as far back as 1945, the judge who is chairing it has said.

Lowell Goddard also indicated that the investigation may go back even further than the end of the Second World War, arguing that fixed cut-off points for probes of this nature tended to be “artificial”.

Justice Goddard is a judge in New Zealand and was appointed by the Home Secretary after two UK-based figured had to step down from the position due to establishment links.

Critics, including alleged abuse victims, said the links of previous chairs presented a conflict of interest.

The former Elm Guest House, Barnes, the site of alleged abuse. Despite the case being reopened last year no one has been charged

The former Elm Guest House, Barnes, the site of alleged abuse. Despite the case being reopened last year no one has been charged“The terms of reference talk about going back to 1970 but there is a push from certain quarters to take it back to about 1945,” she told the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

“A cut-off point is always a bit artificial – someone who falls on the wrong side of it is aggrieved.”

The probe was expected to mainly concern crimes committed after 1970 when it was announced last July.

Theresa May is reported by the newspaper to support lifting time-limits on the inquiry.

Justice Goddard is also expected to issue a series of interim reports to prevent the investigation becoming bogged down.

Dolphin Square in Pimlico, London, where some abuse is alleged to have taken place

Dolphin Square in Pimlico, London, where some abuse is alleged to have taken placeThe New Zealander said she did not feel “intimidated” by the powerful people who could potentially be implicated in the investigation and that she would be likely to summon prominent people to give evidence.

Last week MPs called for the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse to cover the whole of the UK, rather than just England and Wales.

A report by the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee said claims of abuse at a Belfast children’s home in the 1970s meant crimes could be intertwined and investigated together.

Separate abuse inquiries have been set up in Northern Ireland and Scotland where child protection is a devolved matter.

The Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast; in 1981, three men were imprisoned for between four and six years for a number of offences relating to systematic sexual abuse

The Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast; in 1981, three men were imprisoned for between four and six years for a number of offences relating to systematic sexual abuseThe head of  Amnesty International’s NI branch Patrick Corrigan said there were allegations that MI5 covered up abuse there.

“Allegations have persisted that paedophilia at Kincora was linked to British intelligence services, with claims that visitors to the home included members of the military, politicians and civil servants, and that police investigations into abuse at Kincora were blocked by the Ministry of Defence and MI5,” he said.

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has also previously repeated allegations that the security services monitored abuse at the Kincora children’s home to gain leverage over politicians.

Jon Stone

Anonymous calls for activists to help expose international paedophile networks with ‘Operation DeathEaters’

Published January 23, 2015 by misty534


The hacktivist group is planning on building enough evidence to kick-start a tribunal into international paedophile networks

Hacktivist group Anonymous, which has made public attacks on extremists, corporations and religious and governmental bodies, is calling for help in its fight against international paedophile networks, or what it calls the “paedosadist industry”.

In a project named Operation DeathEaters, Anonymous says it is is planning on collating evidence against international paedophile rings and their severe abuse of children and find the links between different operations, and to bring them to justice.

Anonymous has issued a video instructing activists on how they can aid in the operation, which has appeared at a time of serious allegations of historic child sexual abuse levied against prominent UK figures, including claims that   a VIP Westminster paedophile ring existed in the past.


Recent allegations have led to the Met police’s investigation into three alleged murder cases of young boys dating back to the 1970s and 1980s that have been linked to claims that there existed a VIP Westminster paedophile ring allegedly involving high profile establishment figures.

“The Westminster paedophile ring is one of many cases where Operation DeathEaters has actively pursued and sought truth, in order to end the hideous crimes concealed behind the British elite,” Anonymous alleges in a statement.

“In fear of these investigations being bungled over time, the operation’s objectives are clear and simple: source public information before it disappears, push for independent enquiry, and offer support to witnesses and the victims where needed.”


The group references a number of findings from investigations into to the alleged Westminster paedophile ring as part of its list of cases being examined under Operation DeathEaters, including cases against Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, claims of wide-scale abuse allegedly documented at Elm Guest House and the work of the now-defunct Paedophile International Exchange.

Anonymous states the objective of Operation DeathEaters is to achieve an independent, internationally linked, victim-led tribunal or inquiry into the trafficking and “paedosadism industry”.

It has outlined its first step in the operation as gathering “meticulously researched and clearly documented examples of high level complicity in the industry, obstruction of justice and cover ups to show the need for independent inquiries”.

Anonymous is planning on setting up a database to be able to map the connections between cases, and is calling on its followers to research cases of high level corruption and to “present them widely and clearly” by sharing the information across social media, and to find “qualified and trusted people” who should be chosen to serve on the independent, victim-led inquiries.

The Independent

Westminster sex scandal: ‘Shocking’ file about historic ‘unnatural sexual behaviour’ discovered in National Archives

Published January 21, 2015 by misty534

The document, previously classified and dating back nearly 25 years, was uncovered by university lecturer Dr Chris Murphy


A ‘shocking’ file concerning past “unnatural sexual” behaviour at Westminster has been discovered among the National Archives.

The document, previously classified, was uncovered by university lecturer Dr Chris Murphy late last year in Kew, south west London.

SkySecret sex file found in Westminster
Shocking Discovery: A file about ‘unnatural sexual behaviour in Westminster’ has been uncovered

Dr Murphy told Sky News he was shocked to come across the document in November, entitled: “PREM19/588 – SECURITY.

“Allegations against former public [word missing] of unnatural sexual proclivities; security aspects 1980 Oct 27 – 1981 Mar 20.”

He told the broadcaster: “I think I did a double-take and then started wondering what the potential implications of the title, which is a little vague, could be.”

SkyDr Chris Murphy
Double Take: The document was unearthed by university lecturer Dr Chris Murphy

A Cabinet Office spokeswoman said: “In this case, the file was kept closed and retained as it contained information from the security services and advice from the Law Officers.

“These classifications are reviewed periodically.”

Andy StenningHome Secretary Theresa May
Abuse Probe: Home Secretary Theresa May set up an inquiry into child sex abuse allegations

Asked whether it would be released to the current institutional child sex abuse inquiry, the spokeswoman added: “We are clear that any files that are pertinent to the historical child sex abuse inquiry will be made available to the panel.”

Home Secretary Theresa May set up the inquiry to find out whether public bodies had neglected or covered up allegations of child sex abuse in the wake of claims paedophiles had operated in Westminster in the 1980s.

Westminster paedophile ring: MP John Mann expects tens of thousands of victims to come forward

Former Prime Minsiter Margaret Thatcher’s former press secretary, Sir Bernard Ingham, told Sky News he ‘could not recall the file’.

He confirmed that both he and Mrs Thatcher were aware of allegations against a Government minister in the early 1980s though.

Without naming the individual, Sir Bernard told the broadcaster: “I asked him about it and he denied it, so no, I didn’t do anything else. What was the alternative?”

  • By Aine Fox

Theresa May’s child abuse inquiry shame: Counting the days since Home Secretary promised victims justice

Published January 18, 2015 by misty534


Theresa May’s handling of the historic child abuse inquiry has been shambolic

Today marks 196 days since Theresa May announced her inquiry into historic child sex abuse – and the nation is STILL waiting for it.

The Home Secretary now has the choice of 100 candidates to chair the inquiry after two she appointed slipped through her fingers.

But Mrs May is still dithering over who it should be.

Last week we put six crucial questions to her which she declined to answer.

So today the Sunday People launches the May-o-meter to monitor how long survivors of abuse are to be denied justice.

We want to shame the Home Secretary into pulling her finger out before the General Election in May.

On 7 July last year she announced an ­independent inquiry to ­investigate the way ­public bodies handled child sex abuse claims.

It was to be led by former judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss.

But a week later the baroness had to stand down because her late brother Sir Michael Havers, who was ­attorney general in the 1980s, was allegedly involved in sex parties with rent boys.

On 5 September, Lord Mayor of London Fiona Woolf was named as new head of the inquiry.

But by 31 October she was gone after it emerged she dined five times with former Home Secretary Lord Brittan in 2008-2012.

Labour MP John Mann said yesterday: “This has dragged on far too long. Victims are losing faith and the Home Secretary must sort this mess out.”

But a Home Office spokesman said: “We have to balance the need to make progress with the need to get this right.

“The Home Secretary is absolutely committed to ensuring the inquiry has the confidence of survivors who must be at the heart of this process.

“She has also made it clear the inquiry should be placed on a statutory footing with powers to compel people to give evidence. She is considering options for doing this.”

Six questions we asked Theresa May to answer

  1. When will your inquiry begin?
  2. Why is there still a delay in getting it off the ground?
  3. What evidence have you gathered in the meantime?
  4. Will the existing panel be disbanded?
  5. Are you any nearer to appointing a chair for the inquiry?
  6. Will you be looking abroad for a new chair?

By Nigel Nielson

Two more former ministers accused of sexually abusing children 30 years ago in alleged Westminster paedophile ring

Published December 28, 2014 by misty534
  • Two politicians join 22 others named in allegations of abuse in 1980s
  • Form part of powerful ring of Westminster paedophiles, it is claimed
  • Scotland Yard is investigating allegations made by handful of ‘victims’
  • The men, all now adults, say they were routinely abused by politicians
  • Cyril Smith and Sir Peter Hayman among those accused of assault  

Another two former ministers have been accused of sexually abusing children in the 1980s as part of an alleged ring of Westminster paedophiles.

Their names were given to police investigating claims politicians routinely raped young boys and girls at a number of addresses in the capital 30 years ago.

MP John Mann, who handed a dossier of information to Scotland Yard, was approached by the two new politicians’ alleged victim last week.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 23.23.12

They join 22 others named by Mr Mann to police, six of whom are still in Parliament, the Sunday Times reports.

‘Someone has contacted me with some very precise allegations – not just the names but the basis of the allegations – and it is going straight to the police,’ Mr Mann told the newspaper.

‘I have no idea whether it is true or not. All I know is that it is a very precise allegation.’

The alleged victim is the fourth person to have contacted Mr Mann in the past week.

Last week the Labour MP sensationally claimed that two whistle-blowers who threatened to expose the alleged ring of high-placed paedophiles were murdered to keep a lid on the scandal.

He also gave police the address of a flat where, the men say, they were regularly abused as children after being plucked from Lambeth care homes.

The property lay in Dolphin Square, a luxurious apartment complex in Pimlico frequented by Westminster VIPs which has been repeatedly referred to in allegations of abuse at the hands of ministers.

Mr Mann alerted police to allegations of child abuse at the prestigious block in 1989 when he was a Lambeth councillor, but nothing was done.

The two whistleblowers he claims may have been killed are said to have been ready to expose powerful figures preying on teenage boys from children’s care homes in the south London borough.

The information Mr Mann has given police concerns the suspicious deaths of a Lambeth Council caretaker in 1989 and a social worker in 1993 who allegedly threatened to expose a paedophile ring linked to a future minister in Tony Blair’s government.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 23.26.11

Earlier, Metropolitan Police said it was investigating claims that a Tory MP strangled a 12-year-old boy.

A Home Office inquiry into the alleged abuse was stunted after Fiona Woolf, a former president of the Law Society, stepped down amid claims she may have a conflict of interest.

Theresa May is now said to be considering a statutory inquiry which will compel people to give evidence.


The man at the centre of the Dolphin Square inquiry says he was abused at depraved sex ‘parties’ from the age of seven.

Known only by the pseudonym Nick, he claims to have witnessed horrific acts at the luxury estate in central London between 1975 and 1984.

After being abused by his father, Nick says he was handed to a gang of top Establishment figures. He has described being driven by a chauffeur, along with a terrified 12-year-old boy, to a luxury townhouse where he watched as a Tory MP strangled the other child.

Nick also said he saw a second boy being brutally murdered in front of a Tory Cabinet minister in 1981. A third boy, aged ten or 11, had died in 1979 after being deliberately run over by a member of the paedophile gang in a ‘warning’ to victims not to speak out, he alleges.

He says he was taken to Dolphin Square at least ten times for ‘abuse parties’. He claimed one MP told him to thrash another boy – and ‘sexually punished’ him when he refused.

After receiving counselling he contacted the investigative website Exaro in May, whose investigators described him as ‘intelligent and articulate’, before going to the police.

Jeniffer Smith

Westminster paedophile ring: Jailed Charles Napier will be told to name VIP abusers

Published December 28, 2014 by misty534

The former treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange and half-brother of a Tory MP will be questioned again by detectives after being jailed last week

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 23.14.26

Caged child abuser Charles Napier faces a grilling by detectives who believe he could help expose a network of VIP paedophileswith links to Westminster.

Officers probing claims that span decades think the former teacher – jailed last week for abusing 23 boys – can name Establishment figures including peers, Government ministers, ­civil servants and police.

Napier, 67, was treasurer of the twisted Paedophile Information Exchange, which ­campaigned on behalf of ­paedophiles in the 1970s and 1980s and ­argued that the age of consent should be lowered to FOUR.

Dossiers compiled by ­campaigning MP Geoffrey Dickens and handed to former Home Secretary Leon Brittan in the 1980s were said to contain damning ­evidence about the group.

The allegations now form a key part of the large-scale Scotland Yard probe, which includes claims three young boys were murderedby a powerful VIP network.

A source close to the ­investigation said: “Now that he has been jailed police are going to want to talk to him again.

“He was treasurer of the PIE. That means he would know the names of a lot of the people ­involved. He must have more to tell the police.”

Napier was sentenced to 13 years for sex attacks on 23 boys between 1967 and 1983. The pervert ­admitted 30 indecent assault ­charges and one offence of ­indecency against a child.

Charles Napier
Abuser: Charles Napier was treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange

Several high-profile abusers are thought have been members of PIE,including Peter Righton and former spy Geoffrey Prime.

The late Labour politician Barbara Castle is said to have named members of the group in a dossier seized by Special Branch in the 1980s amid allegations of a cover-up.

The Met Police are now trying to find the missing files and thosecompiled by Mr Dickens.

Officers recently revealed there are now 18 separate operations probing ­historic ­allegations in the 70s and 80s – and campaigners believe Napier would have had a full list of those ­involved with PIE.

Whistleblower Peter McKelvie, a former local authority child protection chief who has been fighting to bring abusers to ­justice, said: “Napier is an evil, calculating, ­manipulative paedophile.

“The charges he was found guilty on were the tip of the iceberg.

“In 1993 I spoke to three victims who refused to give evidence.

“One told me very convincingly that Napier took him to parties where he was introduced to the rich and famous and that Righton was involved in all these activities.”

Sunday People paedo cover ring
On the trail: The People has led the way in investigating the Westminster VIP paedophile network

Mr McKelvie believes Napier – who has said he regrets his actions – should now come clean about everything he knows.

He added: “I don’t believe he has shown one iota of remorse in an adulthood dedicated to the ruthless pursuit of vulnerable children purely to abuse sexually.

“As a test of his newfound ­‘remorse’, he can share all the names of the rich and ­famous who ­attended the parties that his victims ­referred to.

“As PIE treasurer in its peak period of membership in the mid-1970s, Napier holds the key to the identity of hundreds of dangerous abusers who continued to abuse thousands of children over many decades.

“He can now pass all this ­to ­police as testament to his newfound regret and remorse.”

The Sunday People was the first newspaper to track down Napier, who is the half-brother of Conservative MP John Whittingdale. He was found in picturesque Sherborne, Dorset.

After we passed our ­information to police, Napier was arrested as part of Operation Cayacos – an offshoot of Fairbank, which was set up to investigate allegations of ­historical child abuse.

Leading child care expert Peter Righton
Fellow pervert: Former child care expert and secret PIE member Peter Righton

At the time of our probe we spoke to respected author and journalist Francis Wheen, a former pupil at the boarding school Napier taught at.

The 57-year-old said: “He ­recruited a few of us, saying ‘Spend more time in the gym’ and appointed himself gym ­master.

“There was a room off the gym and that ­became his haunt. Four or five of us started going down there, vaulting over horses and things like that, in our gym shorts in all our innocence.

“At the end of it he would take us into his room off the gym and give us beer and cigarettes – ­bottles of Mackeson’s and Senior Service untipped.

“We thought this was ­all ­terrifically exciting. Here we were, 11 years old, being given beer and fags. We were thinking that he was on our side, not like any of the other masters.

“Of course, this was for an ulterior purpose, which very soon became clear when he stuck his hand down my gym shorts and I had to sort of fight him off.”

Exposed: The People found Napier in 2012

Sick Napier then revealed his ­technique for grooming the youngsters by trying to humiliate him.

Mr Wheen said: “He said ‘Don’t be such a baby’ and said I wasn’t grown-up enough for that sort of thing.

“He would point to a couple of other boys, saying ‘They let me do it, you just won’t let me because you’re so babyish’.

“I think he was hoping I’d say ‘No, I’m as grown up as them’ and let him get on with it but I didn’t.

“It meant I was excluded from his ‘charmed circle’ but by then I knew where he kept his beer and cigarettes.

“I used to break into his room, steal them and then go and sit in the woods.”

Mr Wheen visited Southwark Crown Court last week to see Napier sentenced.

He described the jail term as “a signal the judge was giving – these things will be pursued now, even if it’s 46 years later don’t think you’ve got away with it”.

Francis Wheen
Victim: Journalist and former pupil Francis Wheen

Mr Wheen admitted there had been times before the sentence when he almost felt pity for the pervert – but those feelings quickly evaporated.

He said: “I am glad that it’s been done.

“I’m glad that it’s happened after all these years.

“I thought in the last year or two, ‘Well, he’s getting quite old, maybe it wasn’t that serious,’ feeling a tiny bit of pity occasionally.

“But I don’t feel that now, hearing as we’ve heard about the sheer extent of what he was doing right under our noses while I was at school with all these other boys.

“We just had no idea of the scale of what he was doing and how damaged some of them were by what he did.

“Any element of pity ­disappeared fairly quickly.”

Keir Muddle