Bent Cops List


This is a very separate list to the featured cops and is in addition to those.

1.     Detective Sergeant Ronald Fulcher. —–  Perjury, Assault, Unlawful Entry.

2.      Police Sergeant Thomas Butt.  — Assault and causing bodily harm.

3.      Police Constable Stephen Lankeris. —  Assault and causing bodily harm.

4.      Police Constable Murray Tolson.  —  Assault and causing bodily harm.

5.      Detective Sergeant Brian Morton.  —  Assault on a prisoner.

6.      Detective Constable Graham Stephen.  — Assault on a prisoner.

7.      Detective Constable Martin Lambert.  —  Assault on a prisoner.

8.      Police Constable Brian Renton.  —  Grievous Bodily Harm on a prisoner.

9.      Police Constable Robert Drew.  —  Assault.

10.    Police Constable Mark Bergmanski. —— Assault.

11.    Detective Robert Lindsay (Special Branch). — Assault.

12.    Police Constable Colin Wilson.  —  Using Threatening Behaviour.

13.    Police Constable Harrison Westgarth.  —  Assault, Actual bodily harm and deception.

14.    Police Constable Raymond Targett.  —  Assault, Actual bodily harm and deception.

15.    Police Constable Michael Broster.  —-   Assault, Actual bodily harm and deception.

16.    Police Constable Stuart Parkes.  —-  Assault and causing injury.

17.    Police Constable Richard McKay.  —  Fraud and Deception.

18.    Police Constable Anthony Robinson.  —  Theft.

19.    Police Constable Nigel Edwards.  —-  Theft.

20.    Police Constable Robert Sampson.  —-  Theft.

21.    Detective Sergeant John Shearwood.  —  Fraud.

22.    Police Constable Stephen Curran.  —  Plotting to commit Robbery.

23.    Police Constable Richard Johnson.  —  Fraud and Theft.

24.    Police Constable Ronald Brandreth.  —  Burglary.

25.    Police Constable Robert Brooker.  —  Theft.

26.    Police Constable Hilary Ingles.  —-  Theft and Forgery.

27.    Police Constable David Brown.  —-   Burglary.

28.    Detective Sergeant Barry Thomas.  —  Conspiracy to incite fraud and theft.

29.    Detective Inspector John Griffin.  —-  Conspiracy, fraud and theft.

30.    Detective Sergeant Christopher Forder.  —- Conspiracy, fraud and theft.

31.    Police Inspector Thomas.  — Taking Bribes.

32.    Detective Inspector Peter Lewis.  —  Bribery and Corruption.

33.    Police Constable Kevin Rutherford.  —-  Conspiracy to frame.

34.    Police Constable Terence Norrington.  —  Conspiracy to frame.

35.    Police Superintendent Geoffrey Squire.  —  Drink/Driving Conspiracy.

36.    Police Constable Edward Bundy.  —  Bribery.

37.    Police Constable James Sawyers.   —  Bribery.

38.    Police Constable Peter Webb.  —-  Bribery.

39.    Detective Constable Wynn Dunn  — Drink/Driving.

40.    Detective Chief Inspector William Remnant.  — Drink/Driving.

41.    Police Constable Patrick Sands.  —  Drink/Driving.

42.    Police Constable Jones.  —  Drink/Driving.

43.    Police Constable Edwards.  —  Drink/Driving.

44.    Police Constable Anthony Bellchambers.  —  Plotting to murder.

45.    Police Constable Brian Walters.  —  Wrongful Arrest.

46.    Police Sergeant Terence Robbens.  —  Gun Siege.

47.    Police Constable Philip Magson.  —  Sex Attack on Teenage Girls.

48.    Detective Sergeant Robert John Miles.  —  Manslaughter.

49.    Police Constable Troy Kelly.  —  Reckless driving/ Excise offences.

50.    Police Sergeant Kenneth Day.  —  Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

51.    Police Constable Richard Chapman.  —  Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

52.    Chief Superintendent Stanley Hammond.  —  Soliciting in a public toilet.

53.    Police Constable Christopher Crossland.  —  Assault and injury.

54.    Police Constable William Ross.  —–  Threatening Behaviour.

55.    Police Constable James Goldie.  —  Assaulting a 12yr-old boy.

56.    Police Constable Anthony Lee.  — Assault on a girl of 14.

57.    Police Constable Mark Harrison.  —  Assault.

58.    Detective Inspector Graham Collins.  —  Assault.

59.    Police Constable Mark Hamnet.  —  Theft and Fraud.

60.    Police Inspector Michael Peacock.  —  Theft.

61.    Police Constable Andrew Gibson.  —  Burglary.

62.    Police Constable Kenneth Rowley.  —  Burglary.

63.    Police Sergeant Roger Bakewell.  —-  Theft.

64.    Police Constable Kenneth McIndoe.  —  Robbery.

65.    Police Constable Peter Oakley.  —  Theft and Drink/Driving.

66.    Police Constable Graham Fearson.  —  Theft/Robbery/Burglary/ and Assaulting boys.

67.    Police Constable Alun Vaughn.  —   Robbery.

68.    Detective Sergeant Graham Sayer.  —  Armed Robbery.

69.    Police Constable Terence Gatland.  —  Robbery.

70.    Police Inspector Norman McGowan.  —  Tampering and theft of evidence.

71.    Police Constable Michael Buchanan.  —  Tampering with evidence in Drug Case.

72.    Detective Sergeant Graham Storr.  —  Bribery and Corruption.

73.    Police Inspector Brian Welsh.  — Perverting the course of justice.

74.    Police Sergeant Robert Coxhead.  —  Corruption.

75.    Police Sergeant Michael Schmidt.  — Forgery and exhibit tampering.

76.    Police Constable Paul Edwards.  —-  Perjury in Drugs Case. (planting evidence)

77.    Police Constable Daniel Williams.  —- Perjury in Drugs Case  (planting evidence)

78.    Chief Inspector William Cowling.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

79.    Police Constable Spencer Allen.  —  Attempting to pervert the course of justice.

80.    Police Constable Alan Perry.  — Drunk and Disorderly.

81.    Detective Chief Superintendent Terence Light. —  Drink/Driving.

82.    Police Constable Simon Harvey.  —  Causing Death by Reckless Driving.

83.    Police Constable Christopher Henzler.  —  Drink/Driving/ Having no Insurance.

84.    Police Constable Dominic Graham.  —  Drink/Driving.

85.    Chief Superintendent Bert Sheldon.  — Drink/Driving/ Driving without care.

86.    Police Sergeant Ronald Brenton.  —  Drink/Driving.

87.    Police Constable Peter Hall.  —  Drink/Driving on duty.

88.    Police Constable Eric Edwin.  —  Sex and Drinks  ( the Fox Case)

89.    Police Constable Carl Beasley.  —  Sex and Drinks (the Fox Case)

90.    Police Constable Ian Nicol.  —  Murder of wife’s lover.

91.    Police Constable Peter Millington.  —  Drinking on duty.

92.    Police Sergeant Richard Beattie.  —  Bigamy.

93.    Detective Sergeant David Ford.  —  Driving without due care.

94.    Detective Chief Inspector Norman Skyte.  —  Brawling and Breach of the Peace.

95.    Police Constable Martin Whyte.  —  Drug Charges.

96.    Police Constable Hasmukh Gohil.  —  Deception and Fraud.

97.    Police Constable Nigel Gray.  —  Drugs Charges.

98.    Police Constable Thomas Andrews.  —  Manslaughter/ Drink-Driving.

99.    Detective Constable Anthony Adams.  —  Passing Dud Cheques.

100.  Detective Sergeant Angus McInnes.  —  Polluting Drinks.

101.  Police Constable Harold Court.  — Molesting 10yr-old girls.

102.  Police Sergeant Lynn Morgan. — Deception and making false statements.

103.  Police Constable Steven Painter. — Intent to Murder and Murder.

104.  Police Constable Kiri Patel.  —  Arson.

105.  Chief Inspector Peter Bartlett.  — Serious breaches of discipline.

106.  Deputy Chief Constable Barry Rutherford.  —  Speeding.

107.  Police Constable Timothy Adams.  —  Perjury.

108.  Detective Constable Kenneth White.  — Unlawful use of police computer.

109.  Chief Inspector Derek Croft.  —  Wrongful Arrest.

110.  Detective Chief Inspector Anthony Furzeland.  —  Drink/Driving.

111.  Police Constable Robert Gerrard.  —  Illegal use of police computer.

112.  Police Constable Michael Brennan.  —  Illegal use of police computer.

113.  Police Constable Philip Felice.  —  Assault on Prisoner.

114.  Police Constable Edward Grier.  —  Conspiracy to supply drugs.

115.  Police Constable Mark Jackson.  —  Contravention of the Official Secrets Act.

116.  Detective Commander Kenneth Drury.  —  Corruption.

117.  Police Constable James Halliday.  —  Causing Death by Negligence.

118.  Police Constable Darren Barlow.  —  Assault on a motorist.

119.  Police Constable Graham Camp.  —  Burglary and Theft.

120.  Police Constable James Hollick.  —-  Drunk and Damage to Property.

121.  Police Constable Frederick Haslam.  — Gross Indecency with boys.

122.  Police Constable Charles Hay.  —  Sexual Harassment of women.

123.  Police Constable Paul Baron.  —  Peeping Tom.

124.  Police Constable Nigel Starkey.  — Attempted Rape.

125.  Police Constable Barry Smalden.  —  Assault on Prisoner.

126.  Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Scott.  —- Perjury/ Perverting the course of justice.

127.  Detective Sergeant Daryl Taylor.  — Perjury/ attempt to pervert the course of justice.

128.  Police Constable Benjamin   Harris.  —  Theft.

129.  Police Constable Andrew Yates.  —-  Assault/ Unlawful Wounding.

130.  Police Constable Ian Lutter.  —  Causing Actual Bodily Harm.

131.  Police Constable Michael Fletcher.  —  Fabricating Evidence.

132.  Police Constable Nigel Hegarty.  —  Unlawful Shooting and Manslaughter.

133.  Detective Constable Alan Barton.  —  Drink/Driving.

134.  Police Constable Andrew South.  —  Theft.

135.  Police Constable Richard Johnson.  —  Causing Actual Bodily Harm.

136.  Police Constable Bryn Roberts.  —  Assault on Prisoner.

137.  Police Constable Michael Gavin.  —  Assault on (Holloway) Boys/ Conspiracy of silence.

138.  Police Constable Edward Main.  —  Assault on (Holloway) Boys/ Conspiracy of silence.

139.  Police Constable Michael Parr.  —  Assault on (Holloway) Boys/ Conspiracy of silence.

140.  Police Constable Nicholas Wise.  —  Assault on (Holloway) Boys/ Conspiracy of silence.

141.  Police Constable Peter Barker. —  Assault and Actual Bodily Harm.

142.  Police Sergeant Colin Edwards.  — Assault on (Holloway) Boys/ Conspiracy of silence.

143.  Police Constable Victor Weekes.  —  Assault on a Mr. Paul Lally.

144.  Police Constable Albert Swansten.  —  Assault on a Mr. Paul Lally.

145.  Police Constable Michael Wearing.  — Assault on a Mr. Paul Lally.

146.  Detective Constable Rex Sergeant.  —  Accessory and Assault on a Mr. Pascal.

147.  Police Sergeant Alwyn Sawyer.  —  Assault and Murder Charges.

148.  Police Constable Nhendra Patel.  —-  Assault on Mr. Leon Hamilton.

149.  Police Constable Adrian Coleman.  —  Theft.

150.  Detective Constable Colin McLennan.  —- Extortion.

151.  Police Constable Robert Gardner.  —  Theft of a Wallet.

152.  Police Constable David Parry.  —-  Forgery and Swindling.

153.  Police Constable William Moffat.  —  Shoplifting Charges.

154.  Police Constable Robin Ellis — Perjury

155.  Police Constable Charles Busher.  —  Porn Video Case/ Burglary vehicle.

156.  Police Constable Bernard Kelly.  —  Porn Video Case/ Burglary vehicle.

157.  Police Constable Vaughn Bellman.  — Theft.

158.  Police Constable Anthony Davison.  —  Theft.

159.  Police Constable Richard Budge.  —-  Drink/Driving.

160.  Police Sergeant Irene Gould.  — Drink/Driving.

161.  Police Constable George Hardy.  —  Petty Crime.

162.  Police Inspector Douglas Lovelock.  —  Unlawful Shooting.

163.  Police Sergeant Edmund Lawson.  —-  Drink/Driving.

164.  Police Constable Paul Scanlon.  —  Causing Death by Drink/Driving.

165.  Police Constable Martin Webster.  —  Speeding.

166.  Detective Martin Kenirons.  —  Disciplinary Charges.

167.  Police Constable Wayne Marshall.  —  Attempted Robbery and Brutal Assault.

168.  Police Constable Alun Jones.  —  Drink/Driving.

169.  Police Chief Inspector John McBride.  — Drink/Driving.

170.  Police Constable Derek Nandlall.  — Blackmail.

171.  Police Constable John Bartlett.  — Threatening Behaviour/ Breach of the Peace.

172.  Police Sergeant Roderick Collier.  —   Attempted Burglary.

173.  Police Sergeant Frederick Connagh.  — Insubordination.

174.  Police Constable Bernard Campbi.  —  Assault on Mr. Noel Williams.

175.  Police Constable Brian Chester.  —-  Unlawful Shooting.

176.  Police Superintendent Thomas Baldwin.  —  Drink/Driving and making obscene phone calls

177.  Police Constable Roger White.  — Driving without due care/ Drink/Driving.

178.  Police Sergeant Paul Woods.  — Making bomb hoax calls.

179.  Police Constable Robert Barlow.  —  Confidence Trickster/scam.

180.  Detective Constable Neil Conington.  — Theft.

181.  Chief Inspector Gavin O’Brian.  — Shoplifting.

182.  Police Sergeant Richard Hunter.  —  Forcing confession and coercion.

183.  Police Commander Trevor Lloyd-Hughes.  —  ‘Gay ring’ connections.

184.  Detective Chief Constable John Stalker.  — Discipline Charges.

185.  Police Sergeant Kevin Bishop.  —  Careless Driving.

186.  Police Constable Roger Richards.  —  Making obscene phone calls.

187.  Police Constable Roderick Tomsa.  —  Assault.

188.  Police Inspector David Hester.  —  Drink/Driving.

189.  Police Constable Christopher Carson.  —  Sexual Assault on woman.

190.  Police Constable Sean Mc Carthy.  — Demanding sexual favours corruptly.

191.  Police Sergeant Robert Lawson.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

192.  Police Sergeant David Barker.  —  Deception/Fraudulent Claims.

193.  Police Constable Paul Foote.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

194.  Police Constable Matthew Manzie.  —  Drink/Driving charges.

195.  Detective Constable Graeme Mitchell.  —  Illegal possession of a sawn off shotgun.

196.  Police Constable Klaus Sturdy.  —  Murder charges.

197.  Police Constable Wade Dooley.  —  Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.

198.  Police Constable John Graham.  — Sexual Assault on 14yr-old girl.

199.  Police Constable John Phillips.  —  Illegal possession of rare birds eggs.

200.  Police Constable Terence Mackay.  —  Pornographic Photos.

201.  Police Constable Robert Phillips.  —  Fraudulent use of a credit card.

202.  Police Constable David Owen.  —  Assaulting a teenage prisoner.

203.  Police Sergeant Anthony Bowl.  — Murder charges.

204.  Police Constable Kendry Alexandra.  —  Theft and Deception.

205.  Detective Constable Thomas Tippetts.  —  Unlawfully commuting classified material.

206.  Detective Constable Jonathan Munn.  —  Common Assault.

207.  Detective Constable Martin Ridley.  —  Common Assault.

208.  Police Constable Paul O’Sullivan.  Assault.

209.  Police Constable Malcolm Nutt.  — Assault.

210.  Police Constable Gavin Simpson.  — Assault On Mr. Vincent Lee.

211.  Police Constable David Judd.  —  Assault on Mr. Vincent Lee.

212.  Police Constable Mark Hall.  —  Assault on Mr. Vincent Lee.

213.  Police Constable Andrew Chowns.  — Assault on Mr. Vincent Lee.

214.  Police Constable Christopher Vercoe.  — Assault and Bodily Harm.

215.  Detective Constable George Nibre.  —  Assault.

216.  Police Constable Gordon Marshall.  —  Causing Death by Drink/Driving.

217.  Detective John Mansell.  —  Theft of cash.

218.  Police Constable Kevin Luxford.  —  Lies and Perverting the course of justice.

219.  Police Constable Stephen Riddick.  —  Assault and cell death case.

220.  Police Constable Jack Harris.  — Assault and cell death case.

221.  Police Sergeant Stephen Syratt.  —  Causing Actual Bodily Harm.

222.  Police Constable David Morris  — Drink/Driving

223.  Police Inspector Malcolm Biggin.  —  Indecent Assault.

224.  Police Constable Robert Challenger.  —  Robbery.

225.  Detective Inspector Charles Quinn.  —  Forgery of a confession.

226.  Police Inspector Barrie Blenkinsop.   —   Forgery of a confession.

227.  Detective Sergeant Brian Follach.  —  Forgery of a confession.

228.  Police Sergeant Graham Willington.  —  Theft.

229.  Detective Sergeant Arthur Caines.  —  Bribery and Corruption.

230.  Police Constable Andrew Ross.  —  Assault on Mr. Anthony Smith.

231.  Police Constable Robert Benson.  —  Assault on Mr. Anthony Smith.

232.  Police Constable Michael Thornton.  —  Drink/Driving.

233.  Detective Superintendent Anthony Lundy.  —  Corruption case.

234.  Police Constable Sean Harper.  —  Assault and false imprisonment.

235.  Police Constable Nigel Root.  —  Assault and false imprisonment.

236.  Police Sergeant Kenneth Humphries.  —  Assault and false imprisonment.

237.  Detective Constable Alan Homes.  —  Corruption case.

238.  Police Constable Hamish Montgomery.  —  Assault on a prisoner/ manslaughter.

239.  Police Constable Patrick Shevlin.  —  Assault on a prisoner/ manslaughter.

240.  Police Constable James Ellis.  —  Careless Driving.

241.  Detective Sergeant James Haddow.  —  Drink/Driving and causing death.#

242.  Police Constable Michael Shaw.  —  Assault and Grievous Bodily Harm.

243.  Chief Inspector Richard Johnston.  —  Indecency in a public toilet.

244.  Police Detective Meikulis Pelss.  —  Attempted Kidnapping.

245.  Police Constable Mark Liquorish.  —  Assault and occasioning bodily harm.

246.  Police Constable Martin Britt.  —  Assault.

247.  Police inspector Michael Foster.  — Assault.

248.  Police Constable John Davies.  —  Drink/Driving.

249.  Police Constable Peter Foreman.  —  Assault/Theft/ illegally using a gun.

250.  Police Constable Nigel Parsons.  —  14 charges of theft.

251.  Police Constable Paul Gamble.  —  Theft.

252.  Police Constable Terence Orchard.  —  Assault.

253.  Police Constable Richard Passfield.  —  Drugs Trafficking.

254.  Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Solomon.  —  Careless Driving Charges.  Aiding and Abetting.

255.  Detective Constable Colin Norman.  —  Careless Driving case as above.

256.  Police Constable Mark Tuckwell.  —  Drink/Driving.

257.  Police Constable David Edwards.  –Drunk and Disorderly.

258.  Police Constable Gary Jennings.  —  Assault.

259.  Police Constable Robert Trinder.  —  Assault.

260.  Police Constable Christopher Kenward.  —  Theft.

261.  Police Constable Derek Maison.  —  Assault.

262.  Detective Chief Inspector Derek Croft.  —  Misuse of the Police Computer.

263.  Police Sergeant Graham Willington.  —  Burglary.

264.  Police Superintendent Brian Coker.  —  Speeding.

265.  Police Constable David Thomas.  —  Assault on prisoner.

266.  Detective Constable Bernard Whitby.  —  Drink/Driving.

267.  Police Constable Ian Gourley.  — Assault.

268.  Chief Inspector Graham Bull.  —  Examinations fiddle case.

269.  Police Constable John Bateman.  —  Careless Driving.

270.  Police Constable Michael Gunton.  —  Robbery.

271.  Police Constable Anthony Thackery.  — Drink/Driving.

272.  WPc Daphne Hagger.  —  Drink/Driving.

273.  Police Constable Gordon Marshall.  —  Drink/Driving.

274.  Police Inspector Fred Prossen.  —  Indecent Assault charges.

275.  Police Constable Lawrence Skeldon.  —  Careless Driving.

276.  Police Constable Ted Parker.  —  Drink/Driving.

277.  Police Constable Stephen Dowthwaite.  — Gun Siege.

278.  Police Sergeant Brian Piggott.  —  Computer misuse case.

279.  Police Constable Edward Toogood.  —  Computer Misuse Charges.

280.  Police Constable Royston Jones.  —  Computer misuse case.

281.  WPc. Trudy Thompson.  —  Tampering and destroying criminal files.

282.  Police Constable Peter Clegg.  — Computer misuse charges.

283.  Police Constable Raymond Watkinson.  — Possessing an Offensive Weapon.

284.  Detective Constable Michael Fagin.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

285.  Police Constable Richard Chapman.  — Perverting the course of justice.

286.  Police Constable Michael Anderson.  —  Conspiracy and bugging.

287.  Detective Chief Inspector Ronald Tennant.  — Vandalism.

288.  Police Constable Richard Cryer.  —  Theft.

289.  Detective Constable Hugh Barras.  —  Paternity suit and Obstruction.

290.  Detective Constable Douglas Burgess.  —  Drink/Driving.

291.  Police Constable Francisco Gonsalves.  —  Assault.

292.  Police Inspector Anthony Hall.  —  Assault and Bodily Harm.

293.  WPc. Faye Bream.   —  Shoplifting and Theft.

294.  Police Constable Alan Waldock.   —  Murder Charge.

295.  Detective Sergeant James McManus.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

296.  Detective Constable Lawrence Shaw.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

297.  Police Constable Mike Goodall.  —  Speeding.

298.  Police Constable Rajin Soni.   —  Pornography Charges.

299.  Detective Chief Superintendent Geoffrey Barrett.   —  Drink/Driving.

300.  Chief Superintendent Cecil Jordon.  —  Racism Charges.

301.  Police Inspector James McMasters.  —-  Indecent activity in toilets.

302.  WPc. Jacqueline Johnston.  —  Car crash case.

303.  Police Inspector Paul Openshaw.  Drug Charges.

304.  Police Inspector Derek Pearce.  —  Assault.

305.  Police Constable Richard Hall.  —  Drink/Driving.

306.  WPc.  Beverly Walters.  —  Assault Charges.

307.  Detective Constable David Vanspall.  —-  Corruption.

308.  Police Constable Mark Kilbey.  —  Corruption.

309.  Police Inspector Dennis Riley.  —  Dishonesty – share applications.

310.  Police Constable Richard Lane.  —  Conspiracy to falsify evidence.

311.  Police Constable David Fardell.  —  Conspiracy to falsify evidence.

312.  Police Constable Villayat Ali.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

313.  Police Constable David Kenealy.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

314.  Police Constable David Lockwood.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

315.  Police Constable Nicholas Strapp.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

316.  Police Sergeant Ian Harrop.  —  Tampering with evidence.

317.  WPc. Tracey Evans.  —  Deception.

318.  Police Constable Philip Mattis.  —  Threatening Behaviour.

319.  Detective Inspector Graham White.  —  Possession of Drugs.

320.  Police Constable Andrew Stedham.  — Assault with bodily harm.

321.  Police Constable Frederick Scott.  —  Infant Cruelty and manslaughter case.

322.  Police Constable Carl Pendlebury.  —  Attempted Murder.

323.  Police Constable Paul Sneller.  —  Unlawful Entry and Arrest.

324.  Police Constable Kenneth Bones.  —  Assault/ Unlawful sex with girls of 9 and 10yrs.

325.  Police Constable Graham Clark.  —   Perverting the course of justice.

326.  Police Constable George Laybourn.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

327.  Police Constable Keith Palin.  —-  Perverting the course of justice.

328.  Police Constable David Dorward.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

329.  Detective Edmund Thornton.  —-  Conspiracy to smuggle heroin.

330.  Police Constable Mark Springall.  —  Obtaining shares by deception.

331.  WPc. Anne Irons.  —  Falsifying an Alibi.

332.  Police Constable Steven Morgan.  —  Concealing a dangerous dog that bit a boy.

333.  Police Constable John Reynolds.  — Supplying Drugs.

334.  Police Constable Christopher Hirst.  —  Assault on boy.

335.  Police Inspector Dennis Riley.  — Illegal share applications.

336.  WPc.  Jane Rafferty.  —  Aiding and Abetting Inspector Riley in obtaining shares.

337.  Police Inspector Peter Waller.  —  Theft Charges.

338.  Police Constable Hugh Terris.  —  Drink/driving.

339.  Police Constable John Williams.  —  Sex offences against boys.

340.  Police Constable Anthony Geary.  —  False Claims in Crossbow Case.

341.  WPc.  Yvonne Kilvington.  —  Drink/Driving.

342.  Detective Constable Brian Morris.  —  Assault case.

343.  Police Constable Peter West.  —  Unlawful sex with 15yr-old girl.

344.  Police Constable Stuart Parks.  —  Assault.

345.  Police Constable Richard Dale.  —  Wasting police time case.

346.  Police Constable Michael Judge.  —  Burglary and Actual Bodily Harm.

347.  Detective Constable David Hennesey.  —  Causing Death by Dangerous Driving.

348.  Police Sergeant Stephen Hollowell.  —  Assault.

349.  Police Constable Leslie Vertessy.  —  Manslaughter.

350.  Police Constable Michael William-Hughes.  —  Child Sex Attacks.

351.  Police Sergeant David Blackmore.  —  Drugs case.

352.  WPc.  Karen Neale.  —  Manslaughter charges.

352.  Police Constable David Townson.  —  Drink/Driving.

353.  Chief Superintendent Richard Clark.  —  Drink/Driving case.

354.  Police Sergeant Adrian Norton.  —-  Attempted Rape and Indecent Assault.

355.  Chief Superintendent Alan Coates.  —  misleading and falsifying evidence.

356.  WPc.  Detective James.   —  Perverting the course of justice.

357.  Police Constable Alan Waldock.  —  Murder Charges.

—–.  Suspended item awaiting amendment and new subject.

359.  Police Inspector Frederick Hinds.  —  Assault.

360.  Police Constable David Cecil-Owen.  —  Assault.

361.  Police Constable Mark Ord.  —  Assault.

362.  Police Constable Gwynfor Owen.  —  Assault.

363.  Police Constable Ifan Fon-Jones.  —  Assault.

364.  Police Constable Owen Gwynfor Hughes.  —  Assault.

365.  Police Sergeant David Chugg.  —  Deception.

366.  Police Constable Robert Fountain.  —  Blackmail.

367.  Detective Sergeant Michael Ambizas.  —  Conspiracy to Murder.

368.  Police Constable Anthony Richman.   —  Murder Case.

369.  Detective Constable David Hopkins.  —  Using excessive force (assault)

370.  Police Inspector Christopher Wood.  —  Misconduct.

371.  Police Sergeant Dennis Lawson.  —  Misconduct.

372.  Police Constable Jeremy Brooke.  —  Misconduct.

373.  Police Constable Trevor Ashforth.   —  Misconduct.

374.  Police Constable Nigel Leadbetter.  —  Blackmail.

375.  Police Constable Paul Slater.  —   Assault and bodily harm.

376.  Police Constable Geoffrey King.  —  Assault and bodily harm.

377.  Police Constable Andrew Grieg.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

378.  Police Sergeant Peter Chester.  —-  Campaign of terror on neighbour/ Damage.

379.  Police Constable Charles Banks.  —  Wrongful Arrest.

380.  WPc.  Elizabeth Belton.  —  Wrongful Arrest.

381.  Detective Chief Inspector Terry Anslow.  —  Drugs Case.

382.  Police Constable Robert Mc William.  —  Drink/driving.

383.  Police Constable Keith Anthony.  —  Theft.

384.  Police Constable Tennant Hilditch.  —  Credit Card Fraud.

385.  Police Constable James Phillips.  Assault.

386.  Police Constable Paul Johnson.  —  Driving without due care and attention.

387.  Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Woolgar.  —  Assault and occasioning actual bodily harm.

388.  Detective Constable Kenneth McKenzie.  — Assault/occasioning actual bodily harm.

389.  Police Constable Glyn Digby.  —  Theft.

390.  Detective Constable Raymond Bray.  —  Drink/Driving.

391.  Detective Sergeant John Stratford.  — Perverting the course of justice.

392.  Detective Sergeant Ashley How.  — Perverting the course of Justice.

393.  Detective Sergeant Elizabeth Foster.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

394.  Police Constable Thomas Corley.  —  Robbery Case.

395.  Police Constable Colin Doyle.  —  Sexual Assault on a 10yr-old girl.

396.  Police Constable George Christopher.  —  Theft.

397.  Police Sergeant Francis Illing.  —  Assault/Perverting the course of justice.

398.  Police Constable Peter Anderson.  —  Rape Charges.

399.  Police Sergeant Robert Bourne.  —  Causing Death by Careless Driving.

400.  Police Inspector John Clay.  —  Mail Case.

401.  Detective Sergeant Michael Hornby.  —  Tampering with evidence.

402.  Police Constable Simon Hartfield.  —  Perjury/falsifying evidence.

403.  Police Constable James Kellett.  —  Perjury/falsifying evidence.

404.  Police Constable Simon Francis.   —  Unlawful  sex with 14yr-old girl.

405.  Detective Sergeant Brian Miles.  —  Bribery.

406.  Detective Sergeant Alan Long.  —  Perjury.

407.  Police Constable Joseph Tomasevic.  —  Bomb Hoax calls.

408.  Police Constable Robert Trinder.  —  Assault.

409.  Police Woman Sergeant Pamela De Neve.  —  Drink/Driving.

410.  Detective Chief Inspector Robert Connell.  — Travel Expenses Scam.

411.  Police Constable David Scott.  —  Racism and Theft.

412.  Detective Constable Rodney Witchela.  —  Blackmail.

413.  Police Constable Andrew Berry.  —  Assault and wounding.

414.  Police Constable Paul Hanson.  — assault on a boy of 3yrs.

415.  Police Constable David Jones.  —  Driving without due care.

416.  Police Sergeant Keith Smith.  —  Threatening Behaviour.

417.  Police Sergeant Power.  —  Racial Abuse Case.

418.  Police Constable Chandely.  —  Racial Abuse Case.

419.  Police Inspector Clive Knox-Brown.  —  Share Applications Scam.

420.  Police Constable Stewart Taylor.  —  Prostitution Ring.

421.  Police Constable David Keneally.  —-  Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

422.  Police Constable Nicholas Strapp.  —- Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

423.  Police Constable David Lockwood.  —  Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

424.  Detective Inspector Peter Johnson.  —  Blackmail.

425.  Police Constable Martin Holmes.  —  Guns found at his house.

426.  Police Constable Graham Mc.Donagh.  —  Theft of seized Drugs.

427.  Police Constable Howard Turnpenny.  —  Forgery.

428.  Shotgun case……. Police Sergeant Resigns……see item in featured Police.

429.  Police Constable Nicholas Tolson.  —  Bomb Hoax in Shopping Centre.

430.  Police Constable Robert Hazelwood.   — Deception.

431.  Police Constable Robert Seddon.  —   Theft.

432.  Detective Sergeant Martin Wise.  —  Malpractice.

433.  Police Inspector Robert Partridge.   —  Theft Charges.

434.  Police Constable Anthony Trinkwon.  —-  Cell Death Cover-Up.

435.  Police Inspector Trevor Brine.   —-   Assault on a 11yr-old girl.

436.  Detective Constable Nigel Thorne.  —  Drink/Driving.

437.  Detective Inspector Maxwell Dingle.  — Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

438.  Detective Chief Superintendent Graham Melvin.  — Perverting the course of justice.

439.  Chief Superintendent Kenneth Smith.  —  Threatening Behaviour.

440.  Police Constable Floyd Harris.  —  Assault.

441.  Police Constable Steven Holiday.   —  Forgery.

442.  Police Constable Terence Bevin.   —  Wounding and Actual Bodily Harm.

443.  Police Constable David Jenkins.  —  Wounding and actual bodily harm.

444.  Police Constable Alan Barr.  —-  Boozing Brawl and Affray.

445.  Police Constable Paul Caddy.  — Boozing Brawl and Affray.

446.  Police Constable Paul Wells.  —-  Boozing Brawl and Affray.

447.  Police Constable Peter Clissold.  — Boozing Brawl and Affray.

448.  Police Constable Carl Simon.  —  Boozing Brawl and Affray.

449.  Police Constable Simon Haw.  —  Boozing Brawl and Affray.

450.  Police Constable David Thompson.  — Boozing Brawl and Affray.

451.  Police Constable Edward Ferguson.  —  Threats to Kill.

452.  Police Constable James Best.  —  Drugs Charges.

453.  Police Inspector Derek Watts.  —  Perjury.

454.  Police Sergeant Colin Langstone.  — Perjury.

455.  Detective Inspector Terence Mills.  —  Perjury.

456.  Detective Sergeant Anthony Ball.  —  Perjury.

457.  Detective Sergeant David Ford.  —  Perjury.

458.  Detective Constable Michael Quinn.  —  Perjury.

459.  Detective Superintendent John Brown.  —  Misappropriation of Witness money.

460.  Detective Chief Inspector Bob Goodchild.  —  Misappropriation of Witness Money.

461.  Detective Sergeant Colin James.  —  Misappropriation of Witness money.

462.  Detective Constable John Davies.  — Misappropriation of Witness Money.

463.  Detective Constable Colin Abbots.  — Misappropriation of Witness Money.

464.  Police Constable Jonathan Grundy.  —  Robbery of corpse.

465.  Police Constable Anthony Leavy.  —  Burglary.

466.  Police Constable Trevor Foreman.  —  Stealing.

467.  Police Constable Ronald Palumbo.  — Drugs case.

468.  Police Constable John Beetlestone.  — Burglary.

469.  Police Sergeant Pledge.  — Racism charges.

470.  Police Constable Tom Mc.Grath.  —  Assault and A.B.H. whilst Drunk.

471.  Police Constable Jon Milliken.  —-  Assault and A.B.H. whilst Drunk.

472.  Police Constable Mark Channon.  —  Assault and Grievous bodily harm.

473.  Police Sergeant Philip Thomas.  —  Faking attack on himself.

474.  Police Constable Ted Parker.  —  Drink/Driving Cover-up.

475.  Police Constable David Thomas.  — Fraud.

476.  Detective Constable Robert Wallington.   — Manslaughter.

477.  Detective Constable Anthony Knight.   — Manslaughter charges.

478.  Police Sergeant Steven Stutchfield.    —-  Threatening Behaviour.

479.  Police Constable Simon Corbett.  — Fraud.

480.  Police Constable Peter Wright.   —-  Theft.

481.  Police Sergeant Martin Cole.  —  Rape Charges.

482.  Police Constable James Kellett.  — Perjury.

483.  Police Constable John Thompson.  —  Drug Charges.

484.  Detective Constable John Donald.  — Corruption.

485.  Police Constable Andrew Akers.  — Assault.

486.  Police Constable Andrew Garbett  — Assault and unlawful imprisonment.

487.  Police Constable Nicholas Jones.  —  Assault and Affray.

488.  Police Constable John Walsh.  —  Assault and Affray.

489.  Police Constable Jonathan Lehrle.  —– Assault and Affray.

490.  Police Constable George Pickett.  —  Intimidation case.

491.  Chief Inspector Alun Thomas.  —  Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

492.  Police Inspector Jeffrey Jones.  — Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

493.  Police Constable Michael Collins.  — Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

494.  Detective Constable Steven Bembow.  Drink/driving case.

495.  Detective Constable Christopher Carter.  — Drink/Driving Case.

496.  Police Sergeant Peter Ward.  —  Perverting the course of justice.

497.  Police Sergeant Andrew Hollister.  — Perverting the course of justice.

498.  Police Sergeant Steven Jones.  — Murder Charges.

499.  Police Constable Nigel Mills.  —-  Theft.

500.  WPc.  Karen Clowes.  — Stealing.

501.  Police Constable Andrew Boyd.  —  Mileage rigging on vehicles.

502.  Police Sergeant Jonathan Lee.  — Theft.

503.  Police Constable Michael Thomas Judge.  —  Breaking and Entering/ Theft.

504.  Police Constable Michael Beer.  — Theft Charges.

505.  Police Constable Glen Balaam.  —  Attempted Robbery.

506.  Police Constable Alastair Kurt-Baker.  — Intimidation.

507.  Detective Constable Neil Perkins.  —  Drugs Charges.

508.  Detective Constable Sarah Bowden.  — Drugs Charges.

509.  Police Constable Steven Hunt — Supplying Ecstacy Tablets.

510.  Police Constable John Cappello  — Supplying Drugs.

511. Police Constable Keith Roberts  — Supplying Drugs.

512.  Police Constable Mark Astley  — Corruption — Perverting the course of Justice.

513.  Police  Constable Colin MacLennon  — same charges as above.

514.  Police Constable Dustin Irribarren  — same as above.

515.  Police Constable Jason Cook  —- same charges as above.

516  Police Sergeant Terence Norman  —- Assault and above.

517.  Police Constable Martin Pearl  — Unlawful Imprisonment and same as above.

518.  Police Constable David Hay  — unlawful imprisonment etc,  as above.

519.  Police Constable Andrew Whitfield  — Theft charge.

520.  Police Constable Andrew Farman  —- Suspended over grenade incident.

521.  Police Constable Patrick Hodgson  —  charged over death of suspect.

522.  Police Sergeant Stephen Hall  — Jailed over knife attack.

523.  Police Sergeant Andrew Hunter  —- Racism charges.

524.  Detective Constable Stephen Beach  — Racism Charges.

525.  Detective Sergeant Christopher Moody  — Drink/Driving.

526.  Police Constable John Diver   — Drink/Driving.

527.  Assistant Chief Constable Peter Walker  — Speeding Offence.

528.  Police Constable Graham Peacock  — Drugs Charges.

529.  Chief Inspector John Armstrong  — Drink/Driving.

530.  Detective Sergeant David Skirvin  — Importuning.

531.  Detective Constable Terence McGuinness  — Drugs and Corruption.

532.  Detective Sergeant Keith Green  —- same as above.

533.  Detective Constable Kevin Garner  —- as above.

534.  Police Constable Stephen May  — Deception.

535.  Police Constable Graham Jones  —  Drink/Driving.

536.  Detective Sergeant Chris Moody — Drink-Driving.

537.  Police Constable Graham Peacock  — Drugs Offences.

538.  Police Constable Steven Hunt  — Supplying Drugs.

539.  Police Constable Keith Robert.  — Supplying Drugs.

540.  Police Constable Andrew Whitfield. — Theft Charges.

541.  Police Constable Ronal Palumbo  — Corruption, Perjury and deception.

542.  Detective Constable Barry Lyons  — Corruption, perjury and deception.

543.  Police Constable Richard Hunt  — Cheating and Deception.

544.  Police Constable Uphal Singh  — Serious sexual assault.

545.  Police Constable William Bookes  — Theft from police club.

546.  Police Constable Alex Rozmas  — Drugs Charges.

547.  Police Constable Michael Butler  —  Bribery and corruption.

548.  Police Constable John Clews — Theft and Deception.

549.  Police Constable Richard Scagell  — Deception.

550.  Police Sergeant Ian Vale — Corruption.

551.  Police Woman Lucy Gilmore  — VAT Fraud.

552.  Detective Constable Vincent Hand  — Murder Charges.

553.  Police Constable Christopher Lambert  — Forgery of accident reports.

554.  Detective Chief Superintendent Graham Melvin — Fabrication and perjury.

555.  Detective Inspector Maxwell Dingle — Fabrication and perjury.

556.  Police Constable Donald Reeves  — dereliction of duty.

557.  Police Constable Martyn Telford  — Fraud and Deception.

558.  Detective Superintendent Richard Holland  — Perverting the course of justice.

559.  Chief Constable Thomas Charlton  — Misconduct in office.

560.  Police Constable Christopher Larkin  — Robbery.

561.  Police Sergeant Richard Harris  — Knife Assault.

562.  Police Constable Roger Williams  —  Fraud Charges.

563.  Detective Inspector Colin Milner  — Pension Sales Scam.

564.  Police Constable Rodney Witchelo  — Blackmail plot.

565.  Police Constable John Munden  — Convicted of fraud.

566.  Police Constable Mike Povall  — Assault on girls.

657.  Police Constable Steve Guscott   —Assault.

658.  Police Constable David Moore  — Assault.

659.  Police Constable John Penrith  — Assault.

660.  Police Sergeant Paul Adams  —- Assault.

And many more.

You may be thinking that this is a villains list, and you could well be right.  But, I also draw to your attention that some of these police have commendations and have been held in high esteem until they fell?  or should we say   ‘found out’

One must not forget either, that many other officers helped them in concealing crimes but could not be charged due to a lack of evidence, and this happens rather too frequently. Getting evidence on corrupt police is extremely difficult, especially as they themselves hold it  and prefer not to divulge it or actually get rid of it.  Helping fellow officers still goes on and one should regard convicted officers as a rare event when they were unable to suppress the case without risk of exposing the force to mass corruption charges.  Many enquiries into corruption within the police have failed due to the lack of non-cooperation within their own ranks. Their union, The Police Federation guard their officers vehemently and deny anything and everything in connection with bad apples in the force.  All Investigations into Police wrong-doing are long and drawn out, why?  the answer is simple, — it makes an outcome less likely and inhibits the truth from being told or actually proved in many instances.

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  • I am not tech saavy so I need to ask if there is there someone that can walk me through a “how to” step by step guide on how to create a blog/list like this of corrupt judges and lawyers in two Caribbean countries. My partner and I along with several foreigners were victimized.
    There is a NEED! My email address is
    Thanks in advance for your time and expertise.

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  • Amidst all these very serious charges there are a few trivial ones such as ‘drinking whilst on duty’ and ‘computer misuse’ Perhaps these should be left off as they are excusable and not necessarily a sign of a cop being ‘bent’.


  • Dear Sirs,

    I was browsing through the internet, when I am came across the list of the Bent Cops. Can you please advise me where you got the 660 police officers details from?, as I do have a list that is much longer than the 660 mentioned on your blog, plus I have checked a few on Google search engine, and there is no listing for those names mentioned. It would be very helpful if you do add the actual source for each officer please. Thank you, kind regards


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