The Labour Party’s Convicted Paedophile List.



1. Liam Temple Labour Councillor Inciting a child into ‘gross’ indecency
2. Stewart BrownLabour Party Lord Mayor Child Pornography
3. Sam Chaudry Labour Party Lord Mayor Elect & Labour Party Councillor Child Rapist
4. Nicholas Green Labour Party Lord Mayor Labour Party Councillor 13 rapes & assaults on Children
5. Keith Potts Labour Party Councillor Junior School Governor
6. Alan Prescott Labour Party Councillor Molesting Children in a ‘Care-Home ‘Where he worked
7. Terry Power Labour Party Councillor Sex attacks on boys
8. Joseph Shaw Labour Party Councillor Child Pornography
9. George Harding Labour Party Councillor Indecent assault on a child
10. Lee Benson Labour Party Councillor Child Pornography
11. Raymond Coates Labour Party Councillor Child rape
12. Les Sheppard Labour Party Councillor Sex attacks and rapes on Children
13. Martyn Locklin Labour Party Councillor Rape & Indecent assault on boys
14. Nelson Bland Labour Party Councillor Child Pornography
15. Greg Vincent Labour Party Councillor Child Pornography Films
16. Alec Dyer Atkins Labour Party Councillor Member of the ‘Shadows Brotherhood ‘Peadophile Ring. 42,000 images of Children being abused
17. Keith Rogers Labour Party Councillor 2,000 images of child pornography
18. Paul Diggert Labour Party Councillor Grooming children & child pornography
19. Peter Tuffley ( worked also for NSPCC & Barnardos ) Labour Party Personal assistant to Hazel Blears Caught in bed with a 13 year old boy
20. Mark Trotter Labour Party Member & Super Activist Child rapist with Aids
21. Yusef Azad Labour Party on the Greater London Assembly Computer seized in anti-Child Porn Operation
22. Gilbert Benn Labour Party Councillor Molesting a boy
23. David Spooner Labour Party Councillor Master…ed in front of Two little Children
24. Mark Tann Labour Party member & Activist Repeatedly raped Two girls under Eight years old.
25. Iestyn Tudor Davies Labour Party Councillor Repeatedly raped a Child

26. John Friary Labour Party Councillor Grooming a child on facebook
27. Steve Carnell Labour Party Councillor Downloading Child and Animal Porn
28. Toren Smith Labour Party Councillor Found Guilty of 94.000 Images of Children Being Abused
29. Johnathan Phillips Labour Party Councillor Downloaded Child Porn on His Memory Stick. It Was Found in The Town Hall After a Labour Party Meeting
30. Phillip Lyon Labour Party Aide to Tony Blair His House of Commons Office Was Searched And He Was Found Guilty of Child Pornography
31. Mark Burton Labour Party Councillor Sexual molestation of child. Trial continues..
32. Neil Redrup Labour Party Councillor Found Guilty of opening sexually explicit content in front of child.
33. Timothy Edmeads Labour Party super activist and events organiser to Labour Lord Mayor guilty of sex assaults on 3 children.
34. Adrian Cirket Labour Party councillor and GMB union official downloading hundreds of sickening images of child abuse in his family home where he lived with his wife and three children..35. Darren Geoffrey Pedley Labour party councilor and chairman of the board of governors at Sandbrook primary school found guilty of downloading and distributing child pornography…36. Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood found guilty of Grooming School kids for sex.

37. Evil Labour Party Councill Candidate & Junior School Governor Richard Harris Found guilty of offering Junior school children £500 for sex.

38. Ex Deputy Labour Party Lord Mayor John Johnson was charged with downloading hundreds of images of child molestation. Some of the images depicted sadomasochistic rituals with children being tortured and raped by multiple adults.

39. Labour Councillor for St Martins Ward & Lambeth Council Susan Smith along with her transvestite partner abducted and subjected a child to a three week rape ordeal.

40. North-west London councillor for the West Harrow ward and school governor Brian Gate resigned following his arrest over pornographic images of children.

41. Labour Party spin doctor and advisor Samuel Gamlin charged with making and distributing child rape videos.

42. Labour Party super activist and Council Candidate Ian Rankin was jailed for having in his possession video material containing some of the vilest kinds of child sexual abuse. Police say it was some of the worst paedophile material they had ever come across.

34 comments on “The Labour Party’s Convicted Paedophile List.

  • Its taken a long time comming to expose this heanous crime, saying it doesent affect young people is a paste over the practice needs erradicating !!!!
    These speimens of the dregs of society, need castration .
    If there was a deterrent and repercussions which there is not because the state , police ,judiciary and civil service and crown and CEOs are all at it.
    Well the US is cleaning up now Trumps team are in charge , the US is no longer run and administered from City of London !!!!!
    But Britains about to be cleaned up with a new unheard of political party no more con lab lib !!!!


  • I cant wait to get a knock on my door from our local Labour crew touting for votes. I’ll bring this website up on my tablet for them to read and see how they try to squirm out of it calling it NONCEnse. Until I bring the names up 9n Google. I might even print and post flyers of this website around my area or put the webite up on posters around the area and let people make their mind up. Scumbags need exposing.


  • The bunch of dirty filthy bastards bring back hanging the Labour Party should be brought to its knees because they are all corrupt to the core in one form or another but all political establishments are rife with peados we need to remove them all and replace them with someone that has some moral compass


  • does not suprise me in the slightest. The establishment have been getting away with this for years. not anymore you dirty bastards.The sooner we get a king that can abolish and restart govenment with normal british people the better.


  • And these are just the convicted ones. The problem is that they get very short sentences and then only 5 to 10 years on the list before they are completely free to do it again. The death penalty was created for such people, and removed by them when we let them get into power!


  • Seems to be the norm in the Labour Party. Maybe they join thinking it will cover up their offences. Up to now it has. The MSM, & the BBC will continue support the hiding of these scumbags. They make money out of it, just like they do by supporting the 4th reich EU


  • This goes deeper than the Labour Party what about the bbc Peado ring and all the high court judges.. lords.. other members of parliament kiddie fiddlers and rent boys …. all these powers and law makers…. manipulate the system to protect themselves….. we need a higher power to sort these parasites out


  • None of these figures have been made peers of the realm as were Cyril Smith, Libdem MP and Jimmy Saville who was employed by the beeb and worked with children. Both of these were known to be paedophiles and in both cases it was covered up. I’m all for outing these figures but let’s be honest about it these monsters exist in all political parties and all walks of life.


  • Thank you for exposing these corrupt individuals. However, it is their position in society that gives them power, and others in authority turn a blind eye, deaf ears. It is still happening. I cannot believe no one in authority was ever sent to prison for failing the child sex exploitation victims in Rochdale.


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